Ray Charles--Genius Loves Company

I just received my SACD copy of Ray Charles--Genius Loves Company (I pre- ordered it from Concord this summer) and have been listening to it today when I was suppose to have been working at home. Terrrific covers of his and his duet partners' material. The sound quality (mastering by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab) is also superb. You can tell Ray is near the end, but as he did all his life, he can still sing his way through adversity. Hard to choose a favorite track--I'll need to spend more time listening to it--but I wonder if anyone else has a favorite they would like to share?
I heard Ray's Genius loves Company a few weeks ago on American Airlines. They had it as a feature in business class on the in plane music system. I bought the SACD.

I'll offer one SACD that I love. Film and the BB's, Tricycle on the DMP label. Uptempo music that's great.