RCA Splitter to convert a single RCA output into two

Y-Adapter RCA Splitter

I would like to connect a single RCA output of the tube pre-amplifier to drive two monoblock amplifiers (instead of just one). Would it be "safe" to use the RCA splitters such as the ones offered by Audioquest without a risk of introducing any sound quality degradations or making a harm to the system? Is there any limitations on how many RCA splitters could be used to split a single RCA output? Would it be safe to chain the multiple splitters to split a single RCA output into three, four or even six RCA outputs to drive multiple power amplifiers?

RCA Splitter


90-degree coax connectors are not a good thing. Better is a sweep corner. A "Y" cable will work fine and they are very affordable, but you have lots of buying choices.

Looks like a fine piece of brass if your lucky. Y splitters and don't squeeze on the cheese. Spend 10.00. No you can't keep splitting the signal. I suppose you could split until it just quits working. Add 3-4 and see if it still works. I've never tried..


The splitter should work but your tube preamp's output will be driving a lower and lower effective impedance as you add amplifiers. That could pose an issue, especially for a tube preamp because they tend to have high-ish output impedances.

An rca y - splitter will work fine - one per channel - from your tube preamp's output jacks. Save your money and buy a pair from Monoprice. No difference in sound whether you spend $3 or $300!

Input impedance should be at least 10 times higher than the output impedance. It's half of what the original specs in the manual say with a y-splitter and gets less the more you connect in parallel. Y-splitter normally is safe.

You would need an active splitter if you want to connect more than 2 in parallel. If the impedance ratio is too much off you would hear first some changes in the frequency domain (too bright etc) and in the worst case the pre couldn't drive the amp anymore to its full output power . No need to spend a ton of money for a y-splitter.

Jason, now someone will kvetch about the price range you posted.  You ought to know better than to declare that around here. ;)

"Obviously a 3$ 'Y' splitter is Not going to be comparable to this 250$ version our company has just introduced into our line of Cable Concepts...."

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...besides....you might be interrupting someone's efforts to put Child X into Yale, or that new BMW to impress the investors.... ;)


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