Re-Cabling my Totem Model 1 Signature

Hi there -- looking for cabling recommendations for my Totem Model-1 Sig setup in my HT.

Used to have Nordost Red Dawn, but I'm looking for something a bit more of a fit. Called Totem for a recommendation, but all they gave me was their cables and Analysis Plus. I'll be looking at/for those, but wanted to collect some other recommendations whilst I was about it ....

System: SSP = Cary Cinema 11; amplification = Bel Canto s300s (lack of vertical space requires odd combinations).

Budget is less than a grand for left+right+center. Rears are already wired.
Defintiely check out Clear Day. He advertises here. THey are awesome and sanely priced
Try Analysis Plus (AP) Big Silver...which is what I use on my Helicon 300. Excellent results with midrange and bass extension.

Look into Oval 9 for bass and Big silver for the highs if you really want to customize the cables. I've had several conversations with the people at AP to help with my solution.

Also try DH Labs Q10 which is used in my HT with my Vienna Hadyns.

Are you using jumpers for the Model 1?