RE Cerwin Vega H15 or D9

25 years ago I purchased a pair of Cerwin Vega H 15 speakers, they were similiar to the D9's, but two horns no midrange.

After 15 years my exwife convinced me to part with them,because they were toooo big . I kept the drivers crossovers and tweeters but the cabinets were destroyed.

I recently uncovered the drivers which have been reconed, and I would dearly love to rebuild the cabinets, but I have been completely unsuccessful at locating a pair to copy . Can anyone help me get accurate original cabinet dimensions, volume and port details.
I don`t have the specs for the D-9. BUT if you can`t
find the specs for them,
I HAVE the specs for the AT-15`s and the AT series.
You might try posting at as they have a lot of very helpful members who are familiar with vintage Cerwin Vegas and diy. Good luck.
My Pap'z is moving to Florida, from Cali. and gave me a pair of Cerwin Vega d-9. One of the speakers, when i turn up the volume, there is a crackling noice coming from the 3 tweeters.
How can i fix this little or big Problem??? Also how many watts can i run continuous on these speakers.

I bought a set of these H15s at an auction house last week.
They are in the original cabinets. But no covers on the front. They need re-surrounds. Do you have any info on them? Year? wattage? etc....
Have had pair of D9s since 1990. I just now had my first problem: the orange neoprene material just shredded itself to pieces in last few days.
I am looking to find a pair of 15" woofer replacements.
Can anyone recommend something to find these?

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It may be cheaper to re-foam those instead of replacing. Most DIY kits are around $30.00 for the pair.
Hi Stuart,
I have 2 original h15's, can give all the measurements you need, probably figure out what the material(REALLY DENSE pressboard!) is too. I need crossover coils, mine have no markings at all.....any ideas?
i am looking for drivers h15 the original one's.i here every body talking about the h-15 and they don't even know if there the real one's. i know the difference, which i am going to tell you. the woofer only have four mounting holes and on the back of the magnet should be 300 watts max. if you want to know more, e-mail me