Re: "Core Audio Technology" - still operating?

Does anyone know if  this company is still operating? I bought a modded mac-mini w power supply (approx $4k) in March 2015. I have been  asking for warranty repair (power supply whines audibly, mac power cycles on its own every few minutes, sometimes every few hours). Trying to resolve this since October.

I am having trouble getting a response from Ryan Mizner at Core Audio Tech.

Any advice?

thanks, Rickvan09
Yes, he is still not accepting returns, being irrational, accusing customers of lying and shipping products of inconceivably cheap and shoddy construction.  Ask me how I know.
Thank you Sanderman,

I met by email and phone an audio engineer in ABQ, NM who agreed to repair my CORE modded Mac mini which had failed entirely. It was stuffed full of "proprietary resonance reducing" goo and that blocked all the air ducts. No wonder it ran hot!

He is: Benjamin Zwickel,, 412-735-3618. Offers similar service as CORE, but his stuff works. He repaired my Mac, built  new PS, added another SSD, and transferred my files from external HD to new SSD. The big difference? Zwickel's stuff works and sounds fabulous. I have no business interest in his business (other than I would buy from him again), not a family member, nor any other conflict of interest. He changed my expensive boat anchor into a slightly more expensive server that sounds very good. RIckvan09