Re Issue vs Re Re Issue

Does anyone have experience with the label Original Jazz Classics. It has a lot of nice titles going for $10. I see that Analogue Productions has put out the same material as 180 gram Re-issues through Acoustic Sounds remastered by Doug Sax. Are OJC records worth while or was it a hatchet job.

As anyone done an A/B comparison ?

are the AP re re issues worth the extra Money ?
The OJCs are a real bargain. The Analogue Productions are better but not 5 times better. Buy all the OJCs you can find. You won't be disappointed.
There is a ton of info on the OJC's at vinyl asylum in AA. Do a search there. There is some speculation that the OJC's above the number 300 or so in the catalogue are digitally remastered. I own a number of them (all below 300 in the catalogue) that are, in my opinion, very good and certainly well worth the asking price. The one thing I would suggest, based on my experience, is to avoid the West German OJC's. I have an Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section that was pressed in Germany that sounds a bit thin to me compared to the other OJC's (including other Art Pepper's) that I have. You will see references to bar codes as being negative at Vinyl Asylum but I have a couple of OJC's with bar codes on them (indicating that they are newer OJC's as opposed to NOS) that sound very good.

There's a lot of fabulous music that sounds great on the OJC's. I just spun Cannonball Adderly with Bill Evans "Know What I Mean" (OJC 105) this morning. Great performance, great sound quality. I'll probably try and pick up some more OJC's in the new year.
I agree with Narrod and Hdm.

I have literally tens of dozens of OJC releases, both with and without bar codes. I have quite a few of the Contemporary label releases that preceded the OJC's and they are wonderful. Some of the second series Contemporary sound better than the originals (which I also own quite a few of).

There were also a series of OBC, (Original Blues Classics) and they should not be overlooked either. Truly great music from some of the premiere blues artists of our time.

For my favorite artists, among which is Bill Evans, I purchased the 45RPM Analogue Productions redo. This is partially because of the improved 45RPM sonics but also because of Steve Hoffman's mastering. Steve has THE magic touch, always maintaining a perfect balance of extreme resolution with exquisite tonal balance.

These are expensive but for my favorite artists I’m going to have it both ways. Besides, I can always sell them later if I feel they are not worth the shelf space, so far everything that Steve Hoffman has remastered sold out completely and then prices climbed to the sky.
Thanks for your help. I am going to move ahead and pick up some of my favorites and also listen to some I am unfamiliar with. OBC's as well. I would especially like to get the Tony Bennet with Bill Evans either way.

In the mid seventies I used to work on 49th Street and 3rd Ave in a small record store. Tony would often be at a French Bistro a block away from where i worked. Sometimes in the afternoon you could hear him and Bill at the piano bar for the price of a drink. Rocky Graziano had a pizza place across the street and he hada regular chair there as well, he used to call me Champ.

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Tony would often be at a French Bistro a block away from where i worked. Sometimes in the afternoon you could hear him and Bill at the piano bar for the price of a drink.

Good grief! I'm jealous.

A perfect example of some of the benefit of living in New York.