re-terminate xlr vs use xlr/rca adapter

I have a phono amp, preamp, and amp that are fully balanced with xlr outputs. my turntable comes with rca connectors on both ends.  for some reason i thought my phono amp had xlr inputs (it does not) and bought a Silversmith interconnect on Agon that had rca on one end and xlr on the other which i had planned to connect the rca end from the TT to the XLR end on the phono preamp. Now i am stuck with an unusable expensive cable.  I contacted Silversmith and they can re-terminate to make both RCA ends for $200.00.  I was also thinking of just using an XLR to RCA adapter to connect the TT to the phono amp.  Any thoughts if this would be equivalent to a reterminated cable?  thanks
Pretty damn close.  It's almost universal that phono plugs are RCA. They need to be short but since they are often truly balanced, you'd think that the standard would go to at least mini-XLR plugs or something.  That is, the phono catridge usually has a coil, and you get both ends of that coil, so it really IS a balanced source.

Anyway, I doubt you'd hear much of a difference just using an adapter. They're cheap to experiment with. So long as you don't show your friends you'll be golden. Honestly though I'd consider just trading yours in. You might even find some one on AGon who has the same pair with RCA ends who would trade.