Reasonably priced power cords

Let me know your experiences with reasonably priced powercords such as Edge, Stealth, and others. Are the sonic benefits substantial? Have any of you purchased aftermarket powercords and been disatisfied? What components would benefit? Let me know your thoughts.
I have an NBS cord that I purchased for about $100. It was defiitely a step up from the stock cords and well worth the money. I also made some cords using some Tara speaker cable and Hubbell plugs, They were also an improvement, and actually, on par with the NBS. Unfortunately, I also made the mistake of listening to the Shunyata cords, which are hideously expensive ($695 list for the Black Mambo), but absolutely AMAZING. The improvement was easily on par with any power conditioner I've heard (of course, I haven't heard the well-reviewed Accuphase, but I am currently using the Bybee). All in all an amazing product. I will also say that I have found cords to be VERY system dependent, and would definitely try before you buy, or get a money back guarantee.
I've used Classe, Cardas, homemade ones of my own (sold five to a dealer, so not too bad), and changed recently to Stealth, which are by far the best I've heard. I use them with a Cinepro Line Balancer, whose creator says power cords don't matter much as with it. Maybe not AS much, but they do matter! I give Stealth a top recommendtion.
Try the light-star cable auctions here on audiogon. they use a braided silver cord and, as we all know, silver is more conductive to electricity than the copper most companies use. I use a silver cord of theirs and it is an improvement. plus, they offer a money back guarentee so it is pretty risk free.