Reasonably priced power protection?

Category: Speakers

Good day folks!

Can you recommend a good power surge protection/conditioner device at a reasonable price? I'd like to keep it <$350.

The system has

Creek integrated amplifier
Roksan Radius turntable
Apple Airport Express
I have been using the Brickwall Power Conditioner for the past 10 years and very happy with it. I purchased from the site in the link below. Should easily fit in your budget. Also check Briskwall's home page for more information.

2nd the Brickwall. Well built and doesn't get in the way sonically in my experience.
No experience with Brickwall, but loads with Furman and it seems to do the job with my Naim Uniti, DAC and Manley gear.
Thanks folks!

Those two were in my top two--believe it or not. I went with Brickwall today!

I may "upgrade" to a Furman at some point, but for now the Brickwall product looks perfect!

Thank you again!
I bought the Brickwall--two outlet unit. All is good. It integrated seamlessly. I don't hear anything but space. No hums, hisses, etc. Things were pretty much the same before it, but to have the protection and no audible junk coming through is all I wanted. Thanks everyone!