Receiver shuts down after a message

I have a Sony STR DA2000ES that I bought used a couple weeks ago. Yesterday when I was wiring up the center speaker for the first time, I neglected to turn off the receiver. I heard a pop when I put the wire in the terminal and the receiver shut off. When I power it up, 'protector' flashes and then 'message 11' flashes and it shuts off. I've checked for any stray speaker wire and also have disconnected all speakers and inputs and left the machine unplugged over night. The receiver will still not power up normally. Is there anything I can try before having to take it to the shop?

Check for a blown fuse or fuses. They should be fairly simple to replace if the problem, just go to Ratshack. Good luck!
Any tips on where to look for the fuse(s)? I took the shell off but did not see any fuses in easy to see locations.

My guess is a protection circuit was triggered and needs to be reset. I read the following post on another forum, which I have copied below:

"I saw this problem from a Sony ES receiver after I...ahem...shorted out one of the speaker leads while it was playing. It would start turning on, and then when the relays would normally kick on the speakers, it would shut down flashing the Protected message. There was a 'factory' reset procedure that a tech walked me through, but it didn't work. I can't remember the key sequence either."

While it doesn't provide an actual answer to your question, this quote suggests you should call a Sony tech to try the reset procedure. Or, perhaps it wouldn't be so expensive to take it into a service lab if all they need to do is walk through the appropriate reset procedure. (Maybe somebody on Audiogon knows the procedure?) Good luck.
If you have the manual for the receiver, it will probably list the steps required to perform a "reset to factory defaults". Give that a try. If you don't have the manual, do a google search. Sony typically has their manuals available on-line.

I looked it up on-line.

Turn unit off. Then press and hold the power on button for 5 second or more. "Enter to clear" will display on the front panel. While it is displayed, press the enter key on front of the receiver.

I tried the 'enter to clear' process but after the 'memory clearing' message displays, it still flashes 'protector' then 'message 11' and powers off.
Well, I think you need to contact Sony. Here is a link to a site that list contact information. It will provide information on e-mail, live chat or web based support options. I would suggest e-mail or live Chat and I would be very up front with them concerning the cause and symptom of the issue. There may be a reset feature available to reset the protection circuit. If not, Sony usually provides a fixed price for repairs. When I enquired about a different ES receiver a couple of years ago, the repair cost was $125.


I just got off the phone with the tech person at the authorized Sony repair shop and he told me that he thought that the reciever had been dropped and that I needed a replacement board that was around $500. I bought this used ($350)so there is no warranty. Anyone have any suggestions? It doesn't seem to make sense to drop $500 into a repair.
Most of this type of receiver uses an integrated 15-18 pin SIP-M output device. Usually, they are in pairs - one for the "main" speakers, and another one (plus a discreet device) for "rear" and "center" channels. My best advice is to skip the Sony factory service, and find a compentent technician where you can drop it off and at least have it honestly evaluated. When items such as this come to my bench, if I feel it is too labor intensive to either find or repair the fault (not to mention replacement parts cost...not too bad if you are replacing components; really bad if you are replacing semi-obsolete boards) - I simply tell the person, "It's not worth fixing". Good luck.

Also to consider....when I took it to the Sony authorized repair shop, the tech said that, looking at four bent connectors on the back, he thought that it been dropped.

However, it did play fine, even with the bent connects, until I tried hooking up the center channel with the power on.

I also talked with a Sony rep who quoted me a flat $225 repair fee if I'd shop it to their Laredo TX repair location. I am thinking about sending it there but feel that they may change their price if they see the bent terminals (and catagorize that as misuse).
Well, it seems you've done the diagnostic work for the technician yourself - it worked fine until you hooked up the center channel. That pretty much says it all. Dropped or not, the unit worked before hooking up the center channel. As I said in my previous post, "honestly evaluated". It doesn't seem as though you've made it to the 'honesty' part yet. Find a new technician, and by all means, DO NOT spend more than $125 repairing this unit; it's not worth it. Honestly.