Receivers with Video Switching

What receivers have true video switching so I can finally retire the TV remote when switching from TV channels to DVD?
I thought my Rotel 1055 had it, but I need to switch both the receiver and TV seperately to watch DVDs. It's not that big a deal for me, but drives my wife and 12 year old son crazy when they try to watch a DVD when I'm not around.
My Denon 3803 has it which is exactly why I bought it. I'm sure that these days there are cheaper ones that will fit the bill.
Try a Harmony remote. One button press sets up your gear however you want it to.

It's a cheaper alternative and it can grow with your system.
The inexpensive (but excellent) Pioneer VSX-1014TK or 1015TK have video switching and upconverting. I have a single component video connecting my VSX-1014TK to my Plasma TV. I have a VCR (composite), TiVo (S-video), cable TV box (component) and DVD player (component) all connected to the receiver. When I change sources on the receiver, it selects the appropriate video input and upconverts it to component video and sends it to my TV via the single component video cable.

Nice feature! The Pioneer VSX-1014TK is a really excellent HT receiver for the price. It has been replaced by the 1015, which has the same features, plus some. Also, the 1014 and 1015 have MCACC automatic speaker calibration that works well. No need for you to calibrate the speakers, the receiver does it for you.....


I like the idea of the remote solution if it's realy that simple. I also heard about the Theater Master remote, but it's much more expensive than the Harmony. Anyone know how they compare?

I really liked the remote solution too and own the Harmony. However, after having changed receivers and having workable video switching and upconverting, I like the receiver method better.

One plus of the receiver doing the switching is that it never gets "out of sequence" like the remote can when someone turns something off independently of the macro.

I have both and the Harmony is currently sitting on a shelf. BTW, I also owned a Theater Master which was provided as the system remote for a B&K receiver I used to own. It was a PITA in my opinion. Given the choice, I would easily take the Harmony for simplicity. But now I simply use the receivers remote for everything and the video switching is a big help.