Recent Used Finds Classical


Okay, here's my first attempt at starting a cool, never-been-done, long running thread ;)

Here's what I picked up today at my local used record shop:

Barry Tuckwell - Mozart Horn Concertos - Angel S-36996
Ashkenazy/Perlman/Tuckwell - Brahms Trio and Franck Sonata - London CS 6628
Kempff - Beethoven Sonatas - Eterna **(1)
Karajan - Romeo and Juliet, Don Juan - London CS 6209 **(2)
Horowitz - 1966 Carnegie Hall - Columbia M2S 757

Total, around $15...

**(1) I have an almost identical DGG version to this, but I've never heard of Eterna... Can anyone give me some background here? The notes are all in German... Anyways, I'm a huge Kempff fan, so I cannot wait to hear it!

**(2) My first "London Blueback" and it's in great condition! I wonder what it will sound like?!
my recent finds are

Erroll Garner London stereo xps617
Beethoven sym no#2 Monteux Australia RCA plum Victrola Stereo
Arthur Grumiaux Berg violin concerto Philips Stereo
Duke Ellington and his mother called him bill Rca Stereo
all mint for 14.00 dollars
Eterna was the state owned LP label of the now difunct socialist East Germany (DDR).
I found a 7 LP Deutsche Grammophon ,Beethoven Edition,9 Symphoniem Wiener Philharmoniker,Karl Bohm ,in Mint never been played ,and sounds GREAT!!! for 2.00 in a thrift store!Box is also mint!!
Schipo: ah, Grumiaux! Awesome! I'm not really familiar with the RCA plum Victrola stuff, but you cannot go wrong with Monteaux as well.

Ajahu: thanks for the info! I'm just getting into this gig, so it helps to know what to look for. Are the Eterna records decent for the most part?

Raytheprinter: I also found a copy of DGG Der Rosenkavalier with large tulips at a thrfit store in mint condition for $5.. I don't know what it's really worth, but it was a nice find ;)

Keep 'em coming!
okay, here's today's finds:

Milstein - Brahms Violin Concerto - Angel 36000 (mono)
Stern - Saint-Saens VC, Chausson Poeme, Faure Bercuse - Columbia M34550
Perlman - Paganini VC, Sarasate Carmen - Angel S-36836 **(1)
Perlman - Perpetual Motion - Angel S-37003 (similar to **1))
Perlman/Williams - Paganni Duos - Columbia 34508
Perlman - Spanish Album - Angel SZ-37590 (similar to **(1))
Perlman - Vieuxtemps VC 4-5 - Angel S-37484 (similar to **1))
Gould - Mozart Piano Sonatas vol. 1 - Columbia MS 7097
Gould - Mozart Piano Sonatas vol. 4 - Columbia MS 32348
Gould - Mozart Piano Sonatas vol. 5 - Columbia MS 33515

Total: $30

I think I did pretty well...

**(1) There's a bunch of hand written stuff on the inner part... "Mastered by Capitol" (a signature) (a flower-like symbol) 34907-A Mo #3 S1.36836.G10 and similar on the back.. What's all this about?!