Recommend a 20A power cord?

I am looking for a 20A power cord for my haven't decided power amp - probably a Jeff Rowland though.
I'd look into Stealth HAC, at Full disclosure: I know the designer, and so can be assumed to have a bias. These power cords made a big improvement for me. I had previously used power cords by Classe (old) and Cardas (more recent), and homemade ones that were better than either of these, IMHO.
I've been very happy with Synergistic Research Master Couplers on McCormack DNA-2DX. Craig
I have the Rowland Model 10 (which employs the digital switch mode power supply) and use the Model 11 from the Custom Power Chord Company (CPCC). It's reasonably priced ($300? for 4 feet) considering the state of high end audio. Check out the reviews in TAS of the Rowland Model 8Ti.
there is absolutely no comparison between the jrdg 8ti and the model 10. the former is a robust, earlier model that, IMHO, is head and shoulders above any of jeff's newer designs. as to the power cord issue: recognze the jrdg uses a female 3-prong connecter at the amp different from most other manufacturers. best find out if there's an "upgrade charge" to terminate correctly.
I have an eel reference custom 20AMP-IEC that works very well with my Krell FPB600. The match is perfect and the build of the eel and sound are impressive.
A 20 amp IEC ESP Essence is also a good choice as it works very well with solid state amps. I believe a new one is around $500 but you can get them used for half price. My FPB200 loves it.
My response does not address any qualitatve differences between the Jeff Rowland Model 10 and Model 8T. I was pointing out that the TAS reviewer suggested that the Model 8T greatly benefited from the use of CPCC's after-market power cord. If we accept that observation- then by extension other Rowland power amplifiers may similarly benefit. As an owner of a Model 10, I have found this to be the case. In my experience, CPCC's Model 11 (20AMP-IEC) power cord provided a significant performance upgrade. Please consult TAS Issue No. 121 (p. 123) for a review of Rowland's Model 8T.
linkster has it right. i was very impressed listening to his system, including the cpcc cords and nordost cable/ic's. a combination well worth auditioning.
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