Recommend any/all Yamaha components w/RED displays?

Picked up a super clean MX-800U amp only to find out the entire display was burnt out and needed new bulbs for the red L/R meters and the static center display, which I thought was supposed to be red as well. Tried a new repair shop and they turned over the project pretty quick as well as tuning up some other stuff inside, but I neglected to have them power it on and test the display before I walked out. So I get it home and the center display is that familiar yellow/orange, but the L/R meters are very much red. Anyone seen this combination of lighting for this unit before? I’m thinking the Tech had to use two different types of incandescent replacement bulbs to make all sections of the display light up.

On a related note, I am looking for recommendations for any vintage Yamaha components that are black with a mostly/RED display to go with my mx-800u & cx-800u amp/preamp combo. Something with a red digital or graphical display or has red accents (may have some gold/orange lighting as well), and an all black shell or case (preferably no silver, grey, or platinum finish). Also prefer the red/orange units that have the flip-down doors covering misc. controls (like the cx-800u pre-amp has), but no problem if not. I’ve noticed that some online photos and videos can make it hard to tell what color a Yamaha display actually has, as the more common gold/orange/yellow display sometimes looks red and vice versa.  Just trying to avoid any white or blue in the display.
Here are some models I already have my eye on...
tx-1000u tuner (recently found a beautiful unit w/remote-which really doesn’t do much)
cdx-720 cd (or 520, 1120)
kx-530 cassette
kx-w900u dual cassette
eq-630 graphic equalizer (another recent pickup w/original remote!)
I know these older red-display models may be rare at this point but any other similar model suggestions would be very appreciated!