Recommend half-width transport

Can someone recommend a good sounding half-width transport? Price under $500 is okay and under $200 would be better.
I would prefer neutral sound without the HF garbage common in cheap transports.
The California Audio Labs "Delta" is a great little transport, if you can find one used.
The Parasound "Z" cd player is a small half-width good one, great deal to get used. To upgrade, add a "Z"DAC-2.
Thanks Mofimadness. I have read the reviews and it seems very good except quality problems and is now out of business. I cannot find the dimensions anywhere. Width looks good but the height seems rather tall.
It should be noted that the controls on the Delta are the most intuitively backwards input command level setup I have ever seen! Not to mention, ... had program bugs from the factory which rendered this unit nonfunctional. (This is the Delta mind you… no problems with the Alpha.) When it worked, however, and if you could get over its shoddy construction and plastic tray, it sounded excellent.
Look at April Music's Stello CDT 100 (transport only). Need to find a used one. I have one and sounds great and feel it is very neutral and transparent.
Cdc...I was a CAL dealer and sold quite few of the Deltas, (and a lot of Sigma & Alpha DACS).

I have personally owned 3 or 4 Deltas and never had any problems that I remember, nor any customer complaints.

Here are the dimensions. I happen to have a rather extensive literature library and found a brochure.

8.5"W x 4.75"H x 12.5"D
10.5 lbs
I think long ago, Esoteric had half width transports, and I believe they were expensive and well regarded. Maybe by now, you might find one for a reasonable price.
Another consideration is the Rega Apollo-R. And you can always add a DAC. Just a thought.
Thanks for the suggestion. I would like to stick with a straight transport like the Delta and Stello.
I've never heard it, and it's aging, but the Musical Fidelity X-Ray CD player fits your size and price (used) requirements and gets good reviews.
Pro-ject has the Pro-Ject CD Box RS, but sadly, too expensive at about $1300 new.

The Pro-Ject CD Box DS is considerable less expensive (maybe $300US new), and does have a s/pdif coax out.

I know nothing about them; I just remembered them when I was last cruising the Pro-ject site for analog gear.