Recommend Shielded Phono IC for WT Simplex

The Simplex is prone to hum and I'm finally ready to commit some money to fix the problem. I need suggestions for RCA-RCA shielded phono ICs. Budget is $400 max.

Thanks in advance!
The VPI phono cable is double shielded and works extremely well. I live near radio towers and noise/hum used to be a big problem - until I got the VPI cable. Now the noise is completey gone. You can purchace from Music Direct.
Of all the cables I've used Audioquest has the best shielding. Find a good used pair of Jaguar or Columbia, and that's all you should need. Columbia replaced Jaguar so you can probably get a better deal on the older cable. There's very little difference between the 2. I have several pairs of both.
You might want to try one of the custom Mogami 2549 with KLEI Harmomy RCAs ping me if you are interested.
I'm not the most technical person, but not sure if the Simplex would be to blame. If you're picking up hum, and it's an issue of the phono cable not having enough shielding, wouldn't there be a hum issue with other tables. Are you using an unshielded phono cable now?