Recommendation for replacement of Paradigm X-15 subwoofer

My wife absolutely hates my Paradigm X-15 Defiance sub. She wants a longer couch and the sub is blocking the space she needs.
Any recommendations for a substitute? I looked online at the Paradigm Prestige 1000SW. Has anyone heard this? Hard to find a dealer now where I can demo
@erik_squires I will look into it. I replaced a smaller HSU with the Paradigm. I will probably stay with Paradigm as my speakers are Paradigm and my receiver is Anthem. The Prestige is a lot smaller than the X-15 as it is 12". I just don't know how it would sound going from 15" to 12". The X-15 is great, but my wife has complained about it from day 1. She does love how great everything sounds
If you have ARC you'll be fine.  12" is overkill for most living rooms anyway.