Recommendation for short RCA cables

Hi All,

Looking for short RCA cables that are good quality, nothing like plastic you might find with products. Want to tidy up my desktop space and reduce cable length, and possibly use the RCA in a portable situation.

Anyone recommend anything?


Blue Jeans Cable makes excellent, reasonably priced cables and will custom make them in any length. Great company to deal with, too.
Signal Cable is also a very excellent company and can make any length you need. Frank's a great a guy to deal with.
Thanks for your replies guys!

Going to give it a little longer before deciding.

Looking into having a pair custom for my needs.

What's your budget for cables? Knowing that could help with making a suggestion
If your good with a soldering iron, you could make you own.

Let's say you want a 3 foot pair. Buy 6 feet of DH Labs BL I- MkII at $6 a foot. That's $36

Then for connectors you can go with 4 Switchcraft or Rean RCAs. Rean is a Neutrik company.

You're under $50!