Recommendation for stands - Spendor S3/5s

Recently acquired a pair of these beautiful little monitors & need to find good stands. Most seem to come in 24" height but I need 26" due to my height & the chair I use. Please indicate online site to purchase your recommendation as there are no good stores where I live.

Many thanks,

Hi! Save yourself some money and get four standard concrete blocks from home depot or wherever. stack two and that gives you 28 inches. cover the top surface with some kind of soft cloth to protect the speakers, then cover the blocks with a white sheet...this makes them more aesthetically pleasing. they work great as speaker stands, and spend the saved money taking your significant other(s) to the circus!
Tyler Acoustics builds high quality speaker stands (i.e. the Model 3 at $199.00/pr.) all the way up to high end reference speaker stands (i.e. the Model 1 Reference at $435.00/pr.) that can be custom matched to your exact preference for top plate measurements and height. Their website is Click on "STANDS" when you get there to see what they offer. Customer service is on par with the very best in the industry. If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to e-mail us anytime.

Happy shopping!
Good advice from Tacs and W E N. Another option is to go to your local metal or welding shop. I had a pair cutom made a few years ago. You can design them to be sand or lead filled and to any height. Should be cheaper than buying them from the manufacturer with better build quality.
I have had great luck w/Sound Anchor stands under various monitors and even floor-standing speakers that I have owned. Sound Anchors ( will take the measurements of your speakers and custom build to your exact needs, including whatever height you choose. Ask them to put Audiopoints on the stands for spikes, they are the best and they sometimes include them on some models of stands for no extra cost. Sound Anchors are black and heavy and may not suit your aesthetic tastes, go to their website and see if they appeal. I find them superb at bringing out the best in bass and resolution of monitor speakers.