recommendations for large speaker kits or DIY

Can anyone recommend a good large speaker kit or diy speaker project? Not the little things that pass for kits these days, with 6 inch woofers and slim cabinets, but a good old fashioned big speaker with both authority and finesse. Making cabinets is no problem.
This is what you are after:

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It'll set you back about 500 bucks. Should be real nice sound, and you can buy all the parts except the cabient in one place!
Try to get a copy of How to build speaker enclosures by Alexis Badmaieff and Don Davis,It has blueprints for altec's bozak,with material lists etc.Has good info on big old fashioned spk's.If you want plans for jensen folded horn,E-V Aristocrat,Baronet,Patrician,I can send those to you if you email me.KEITH

I love the PartsExpress mothly project! For anyone interested in speakers, sign up for the monthly PE catalog. It's really fun seeing the projects they come up with.


Take a look at they still have a few kits for sale . I have the Manifest speaker kit it is just outstanding I like everything about North Creek speakers and am thinking of getting one more so I like em Marc
Linkwitz Orion is a superb sounding speaker IMO, but it requires a fair bit of money and/or expertise with the electronics (crossover and amplification) to do it right. You can buy a very good used pair of large speakers for less than the cost of building the Orions.