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Speaker Choice for Almarro 318B
Hi,I use a pair of 88db Devore Gibbons 8'S with the 318b with no problems.This amp seems to have a lot more power than it's 18 watt rating,imho.I would not rule some 88db spk's out.KPB 
low tracking force cartridge recommendations?
Chicagoland Record Shops
The one and only Jazzmart it is the oldest and best in the city.!!!They have a catalog and 
low tracking force cartridge recommendations?
Hi,put a new denon in it.Or a $150-200 audio technia you should be all set.They is nothing wrong with these brands in the 150-200 range.Just don't buy the denon 103 you will need a step up transformer.GREAT cartridge though!!KP 
best inexpensive tube integrated
Buy a vintage used amp,on here or ebay.Look for one with el 84 tubes in it.The little almarro miight work will with your spk's also.It is a great little amp.KP 
Great Mono Cartridges
Hi,I don't know what arm you have but the Ge's rpx/rpj's for the price and sound are hard to beat.But they are BIG huge cartridges.The Denon 102 depending on who you ask is a mono cartridge designed to play stereo lp's or a mono cartridge for both... 
What's an Audiophool to do?
Almarro has come out with a pair of new mono blocks that should solve the problem.But I would just leave it alone as stated before.KP 
Are horns and hi-eff designs becoming more popular
Jaybo,the long answer is YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.Single driver and horns and various vintage Altecs,JBL'S,and others are very popular again.The Japanese have been using this stuff for years.They are usually 10-15 years ahead of the US as fa... 
Has anyone used "Quiet Rock" sheet rock in room?
That stuff was way to expensive when I looked at it.I think you could double up on the sheet rock for less.And put a sound barrier in between If you wanted to.Also take a look around this website "super soundproofing.All kinds of stuff.They also s... 
Are tube watts equal to solid state watts?
best way to ship Klipsch Forte II speakers
Lots and lots of bubble wrap.The kind with 1" bubbles or bigger.Wrap them up into big cocoons about a foot thick all around.Kind of like if you dropped them they would almost bounce.Then a big box or a pallet with them strapped down then covered i... 
Room Issues
Get rid of the wife!! 
Obscure companies making excellent speakers?
DEVORE seems to be left out.KP 
Jolida 202a mods
Hi,if it were mine I would send it to one of 2 places.There is Underwood HiFI he sells new Jolida and new modded Jolida.They also upgrade Jolida products.I think the guy who ran Sonic Frontiers does the mods.There is also Response Audio in western... 
Eagles One of these Nights - run off area wording
You guys must really be bored!!KP