recommendations for upgrading Bryston BP-26

I'm looking for suggestions to upgrade from a Bryston BP-26 to a USED SOLID-STATE preamp that's as clean, quiet, dynamic and detailed, but "richer" in tonality (if that makes any sense). Kind of like a cross between my upgraded Meitner PA6i and the BP26. My absolute price limit is US$4K.

I have auditioned the Pass Labs X-1 and found it virtually indistinguishable from the BP-26, so that's not an option.

I can buy an Ayre K-1 for just under $3K. There's also a K-1xe with phono for sale, but at just under $6K that's beyond my budget. Also, I'm concerned about the Ayre's relatively high output impedance (300 ohms) and wondering what audible differences there are between the K-1, the K-1x and the K-1xe.

Other than the Ayre, I'm not sure what other viable alternatives might be. Plus the odds are that I won't be able to purchase locally and will therefore not be able to audition--in my system or anyone else's--before buying. It may also be the case that, for the money I have to spend, I can't expect much of an improvement over what I already have: in which case the best thing to do would be to keep saving my money.

Any recommendations appreciated, preferably from listeners who know the BP-26 well.

For context: principle amp is a Son of Ampzilla 2000; speakers, Tannoy System 215 DMT II; digital source: Teac/Esoteric P-70 transport & Bryston BDA-1 DAC; analogue sources: Technics SP-10MKIIP on custom Jean Nantais plinth with Origin Live Silver MKII tonearm and Ortofon 2M Black cartridge; upgraded Meitner FMT tuner; room is 27 x 28 feet with 18 foot ceiling; musical tastes run the gamut except I don't listen to Western classical, heavy metal, or rap/hip-hop.
A used Levinson 380S is worth considering. I have owned a lot of Levinson and Brystion gear in the past until I transitioned to tubes, and always found the Levinson pre-amps to outperform the Brystons in terms of overall musicality, which for me is partially defined as "richness" of tone.
I suppose in addition to the Levinson mentioned above something from Classe or McIntosh might work. For some reason I'm having a really hard time thinking of a ss preamp that will do what you're looking for (I've got a BP-6 by the way), but on the amp side I can think of several. I don't know much about your amp or if you'd be willing to look at switching that instead, but in addition to the brands mentioned it opens up ss possiblities from the likes of BAT, CJ, etc.

Also, you don't mention what you're using for interconnects/cables but that might be yet another avenue to explore. Best of luck.
Dr joe - When I first read your post I immediately started to respond with my original recommendation, which was for a Shindo Aurieges. Fortunately I re-read your post and saw that you were only interested in a SS pre-amp. So why am I now mentioning the Aurieges? Well, after reading the comments by Soix above, I realized that I have the same misgivings as he does about a SS pre-amp doing everything you want. I stand by my opinion that the Levinson 380S will bring you closer to your goal than the Bryston BP-26, but like Soix, I can't think of a SS pre-amp that will do everything you want. The Aurieges will (and is a real bargain at $3K new), as will many other tube pre-amps that can be had new or used for $4K or less. Hopefully some others with more experience than me in the SS pre-amp realm can give you some ideas to consider.

Good luck!
Interesting that the ML 380S came up as one of the recommendations. I auditioned one in my main system a year ago--a local vendor was kind enough to loan his 380S for the weekend.

Listening to the 380S for an evening plus two full days reminded me of the pair of Cardas Golden Cross balanced ICs I took in trade for an old New York Audio Labs phono stage.

In both cases my strongest impression was a striking loss of high frequency information. The Cardas was the worse of the two offenders, but the Levinson changed my system in a similar way. Even my teen-aged daughter, with whom I share a taste for some music (e.g., Steely Dan's old radio hit, "Do It Again"), and who was over that weekend, noticed the change.

I had thought the 380S would be my last preamp, but I was very glad to return it, get my money back, and put the BP26 back in the system.

In any case, I appreciate the comments. The search continues. . .
What about a BAT VK40SE. I heard the VK40 in my system sometime ago and liked it and I would think the SE version would be better. I liked the 40 much better than a ML 38 which would have the same signature I would imagine as the 380s. Just my 2 cents. I would have to agree with Dr Joe's comparison. I personally like more topend extension and the Levinson preamps seem to lack a little of that just like Cardas IC's.
Just sold my BP26. Have new Ampzilla 2000 MK2 mono's into MBL 116. Bought my second Wyred STP SE pre. Great preamp. I buy and sell for a hobby, had most everything. Bryston BDA1 balanced into STP balanced into Ampzilla sounds beautiful.