Recommended in-wall Speakers?

I'm thinking of putting a set of in-walls into my living room (my main system is in the family room) and am wondering if anyone can recommend a good-sounding set. They need to be unobtrusive as this is my wife's showplace room. I'm looking at the Polk TC265i (in-wall) and the Magnepan MGMC1 (on-wall) so far. Polk has more bass (to 45 Hz at -3dB) and a smaller package - Maggies are pretty cool though and have that "Maggie quality" about the sound, but no bass below 80hz. Any others I should be checking out? Price range is around $700 per pair.
I have two pair of Polk's, one pair in the great-room & one pair in the bedroom, I can't remember which model but they retail for about $350. They sound better than I thought they would, using my computer as a source and Nakamichi receiver to drive them. I've been very happy with them and would buy them again.


The B&W's are MUCH better. I really, really wanted the B&W's, I just couldn't justify $600-$800/pair of in-walls.
I'm looking at the Polk TC265i ($700/pr), the Paradigm AMS-350s ($700/pr) and the B&W CWM-800s ($800/pr) at this point (need more bass than the Maggies can provide). The Paradigms seem like the best value (35Hz low end with 2 8" drivers), but how do they sound relative to the two others?
I guess it depends on what type of music you listen to and the associated equipment. To me the B&W's were the best of the bunch. But that was, in that shop, with the gear they were using and to my ears.

I don't know about Paradigm, but B&W makes a sort of enclosure that you can put in the wall that "seals" the speakers and is suppose to produce better sound.
Check my virtual system. I have in wall mounted speakers in almost every room. All B&W.
Linn Sekrets, make them active at a later date and you have some really fun, pretty transparent inwalls.
B&W signatures. Ive had them in my family room walls for a few years now and love them. I run them with an REL sub.