Recommended speaker pairing for ML 585.5.

So after testing a few integrated amp / speaker combo's, I found a screaming deal on a Mark Levinson 585.5 that was too good to pass up. Having not had a chance to demo anything with the ML, I am trying to narrow down my search and looking for advice on loudspeakers. Understand that demo'ing is the best way to go, but as we all know this is really tough right now. I'm going to try to narrow this down to simplify the task.

About me: I'm not an audiophile and this is not a grail quest. Looking to land in the 90%tile, bang for buck is key. Listen to wide range of music, generally low to mid volumes.

My preference is fairly neutral to warm, I prefer a relaxed sound vs a bright or punchy. I tend to hear muddy (behind the curtains) or harsh (distortion) first, if I can't get past that, I tune out. My preference would be a highly musical presentation with a lots of transparency, that is presented in a relaxed and slightly warm manner. Worked for a transducer manufacturer for several years in past life. Many hours in high-end listening rooms listening to speakers getting tuned, so I am familiar with the concept of a neutral presentation

Budget <$10K (new or used)
Room: 14x20, listening across the narrow end of room. Unfortunately there is a lot of furniture, a hallway and other surfaces that are likely to convolute sound. Thus looking for a speaker that is relatively easy to place, downward firing woofer vs rear ports????
Asthetics: Nothing too outlandish, not a big fan of the 70's B movie designs. The speakers should also be pleasing to the eye.
ML specs: OUTPUT POWER: 200W RMS per channel @ 8Ω, 20Hz – 20kHz • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz – 20kHz, ±0.13dB; 2Hz – 250kHz, +0.2dB/–3dB • SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO: >98dB (20Hz – 20kHz, unweighted) TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION: <0.01% @ 1kHz, 200W, 8Ω; <0.1% @ 20kHz, 200W, 8Ω

Current consideration: Spendor D9.2, Devore 9's, Wilson Benesch 
There are a million speakers.  You want to probably look for a speaker with a slightly forward sound profile as ML is a touch warm.  The Spendor D9.2 is a neutral to warm speaker.  With ML, the sound profile will be decidedly warm.  

I have not heard the exact combo of Magico A3 and your ML but I would be very optimistic that would be a brilliant combination.  Enough power to drive it and the A3 is a nice sounding speaker.  

I don't have enough experience to have a firm POV on Devore or Wilson Benesch.  

MLs sister company is Revel.  They are literally voiced using ML amps. I am not a fan of the Performa 228BE as I find it slightly metallic sounding but lots of folks really love it.  I am very, very fussy and opted for a ceramic magnesium tweeter in my speakers.  I have listened to these two together and it sounds very good.  
Best option IMO, and they are insanely good with that amp, would be a used pair of Revel Ultima Studio 2s.  Nothing metallic in the sound.  My wife was open to a big speaker after listening to them at the Harman store, they are that good.  

If you like a warmer sound but not as warm as Spendor, the Audiovector R3 Arrete's are insanely good.  Read Andrew Quint's review in the Absolute Sound.

If you want incredible dispersion and a wonderful soundstage that will be both engaging and immersive listening experience, check out Scansonic MB5 B or MB6 Bs.  The new MBx Bs are much better speakers than the old line as they are much easier to place and don't take 200 hours to break in.  

Finally, check out Focal.  The Kanta No 2 is a unique looking speaker and will do well in terms of sound profile with the ML.  I found these to be a super appealing speaker when I first heard them with the right amp pairing.  

Full disclosure, I am a dealer and speaker manufacturer.  I an a Spendor, Scansonic and Focal dealer.  I am considering bringing in Audiovector at the moment and have no relationship with Revel, Magico, Devore or Wilson Benesch.  

Hey RB,

I just started upgrading my home theatre/stereo set-up from 2K to 4K.  Great minds think alike. :-)

So far I have the following gear:
  * Anthem MRX-1140
  * Panasonic DP-UB9000
  * Sony XBR-49X950H (limited to 49" due to AV cabinet)
  * Furman Elite-15 DM-I Power Conditioner
  * Revel Performa - F228Be (front pair), C426Be (center), M126Be (surround pair), B110v2 (sub pair)
  * Monitor Audio CP-CT260 Atmos speakers (2 pairs-it is a long story why I used MA and not Revel) 

I am strongly considering adding the ML 585.5 to the fronts as a pass through.  I was originally considering purchasing a more powerful amp but every one I spoke to mentioned the biggest bang for the buck in integrated amp.  How do you like the integrated amp so far?  Perhaps you can message me off-line were you were able to get a "screaming deal".

I found a great deal on ML 585 but I listen to a lot of vinyl and would require a 585.5.

Thanks for your help.

Revel or Aerial 7t. 
10t If you can find used, are a steal. Just make sure they are V2 

Following up on this thread to close it out.  Ended up finding a pair of Devore Gibbon X's used just a few miles from where I live.  Really a perfect compliment to the ML 585.5.  The musicality of this system is off the charts, often catching me off guard. Piano and other string instruments are where I notice it most.  The sound stage is exceptional, though I did find the Gibbon's a bit challenging to place in my room.  Working on upgrading the music server element of the equation which will hopefully equate to a wrap on this adventure.