Records and CDs

I’ve just spent a couple of weeks exclusively going through my extensive record collection playing hardly any digital media and have come to some conclusions.
Records are fun and enjoyable to work with, but ultimately for a music lover they’re a dead end. Since very few new titles are being released on records these days I find myself going through mainly old familiar performances. Then there’s the age old problem of comparing the SQ of both media which is maddening. I just today went back to streaming (and CDs.). I clearly see, for me this is the way to continue my listening habits. Records can be used as a diversion but not the main event.


For me one of the joys of vinyl is the 12x12 album art and the wealth of information often included with the release. Plus the provenance of the mastering is usually available, unlike with streamed releases. I find that the mastering can make a bigger difference than the format, and like to be able to seek out the work of my favorite mastering engineers.

I am happy with vinyl. The quality and quantity of recording that pleases me out there is enough for decades. 

Happily the album art is becoming available in streaming. Qobuz now will have a pdf attached to the on line album, so you get to see it on your iPad or laptop while listening. So, hopefully that lack of art will go away and in future albums art will be created for new albums expecting on-line streaming.

Some of your past posts you praise vinyl and on other posts you praise digital. There is no reason that you can’t enjoy both!

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