Reducing room TEMP. when using tube equipment.

I live in California where it has been darn HOT. I Bi-Amp with old Audio Research D76A tube amps (Two). My problem:
When the Temp. goes into the 80’s, I really can not turn on my System. The room temp. is just too uncomfortable. As you might guess I do not have air conditioning. Has anyone tried to use the new PC computer cooling systems to remove the heat. I know very little about these liquid-cooling systems. Any other ideas? The flip side is … I love’m in the winter.

The issue is not a matter of cooling the amps. The vast majority of the heat is being generated by the tubes so you have to get that heat out of the room to improve the situation. Some type of box to put the amps in with a dryer vent tube to exhuast out the window or into another room with a quiet fan on the exhuast end to pull air through the box. Perhaps not elegant or pretty but you have to get rid of the heat, you can't cool the amps.
Get a small integrated tube amp like the PrimaLuna. Not enuf heat to make a difference and they sound pretty decent. Use it during the hot months. BTW, if you think the 80's are hot and you have no air conditioning I must assume you live in that foggy city by the bay (or very nearby). You don't get much sympathy from me - I dwell in the central valley. Its only 105 today, and its supposed to be 107 tomorrow. But as they say in Pheonix, its really very low humidity! :-)
Yeah....I could use some 80's. At least I do have air though.
I guess you could do what the indoor MJ growers do and rig up an exhaust fan. As for liquid cooling systems, I've had very good luck with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. :^P
Ron, why not invest in a portable air condition?

If it allows you to use your system when it's hot consider it money well spent on a "tweak".

I'm considering one myself. I haven't turned on my system in over a month 'cause of the heat. Listening while coated in a sheen of your own sweat and sitting in a pool of it is NOT conducive to an enjoyable listening session!
Oh, summer in the city! Yesterday it was 102 in Chicago, and 119 in my upstairs loft that houses my tube-based system. Needless to say, I didn't turn the music on last night. Tonight, however, is another story entirely. 85 outside and 93 in the loft. The amps are fired up and I digging the Op. 2 Sonatas of L.V. Beethoven.

Considering the temperature at which tubes operate, I don't think they'll even notice the weather. I notice it, though. And 8 KT88's, 8 6922's, and 2 5687's (the really hot ones) probably make my room just a little bit hotter.

Small sacrifice for L.V.B.

I worry more about humidity than heat. I should probably get air conditioning..........

If you can afford it, split a/c systems are available without the neccesity for ductwork. A handfull of manufacturers out there with efficient units. Email if you need additional info.
A potential problem with portable air conditioners would be the noise. You might be throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
Talk about the ultimate listening room. Outside. Of course, you're kind of screwed if it rains. Does away with side wall reflections, however.
Thanks for the response. I think I'll move someplace cooler.
Monterey Bay ...down at the ocean maybe.
I'm in Sac where my room will face the Sun(When it's done). It won't have any Windows, but I'm plannning on having two Ceiling Fans installed(One over the amps and the other over me). It'll be cheaper than the 3k to have AC put in.