Ref. 3A or Klipsch w/ PrimaLuna PL2

Just noticed that a new pair of De Capos runs about the same as a pair of La Scallas. I've also read the some prefer the new Cornwalls. I listen to 95% vinyl. I'm just trying to see what this might stir up. Any ideas, comparisons? No WAF points needed to be taken into consideration.
Haha, oops. A single La Scalla runs about the same as a pair of De Capos. A pair of Cornwalls would be a little more expensive than a pair of De Capos, but it still seems like a relevant comparison. Sorry for the confusion.
De Capos are nice-forgot to factor in the stands and a good subwoofer. That would put the cost near the LaScala's. For full range dynamic sound the Cornwalls would be your best bet. Let your ears decide!