Refurbished Amber Series 70

I found one of these completely re-capped, re-biased, etc. for a good price. I think it’s one of the earliest versions (apparently they revised it a bunch over the production run). What would this sound like? I’ve never had a truly "vintage" amp, and this amp apparently has a minor cult following ...


it has been many years but i remember the amber 70 as a fairly sweet sounding solid state unit with a little ’mosfet mist’, and very good but less than excellent bass control

it did the critical midrange right, with decent body and no obvious grain

this may help ...


I have one in my collection of vintage gear. It is indeed an excellent amp of moderate power! The Audio Critic gave it a very favorable rating - System B. IMO it is competitive with today's four-figure gear!

Paired with Dahlquist DQ10s, it was the amp on the first great system that I ever heard. It threw a soundstage better than most. Cheers,

Hi Mr. Devo,

I recall it from long ago, and agree with jjss49's assessment.