I am looking at getting a vintage tube radio (German) but the seller has no way of testing it. Physically it looks like it's in 8/10 condition (or better!). where can i send it for a thorough repair and replacement service? I grew up with one of these-type units and it sounded really good with a decent 6x8 main speaker and a couple of side-firing tweeters. it was fun fooling around with the SW band too. Plus i really dig the wood finish on these older units. anyone with information please let me know. thanks!
Links to the websites of a number of antique radio repair services are included in this list. I have no specific knowledge of any of them, however.

-- Al
The old table radios are a lot of fun. Some sound pretty good. Many have excellent reception.

I have This Airking model probably from the 1940s sometime, sitting on top of a bookshelf for display only at home. I have not fired it up for years knowing it needs some work, but I clearly recall as a kid many hours spent listening and twiddling with it. Am and shortwave reception was phenomenal, with an internal antenna only. I tried many a similar later model transistor shortwave radio over the years working at radio shack, and nothing ever came close. Its a project for me someday to try and get this guy running again on my own that I very much look forward to.
If I recall correctly, Terry DeWick who is a McIntosh guru also fixes old radios.
This is a bit late but if you're still looking, go to