Rega Exact 2 vs. Ortofon 2m Bronze

Hi All,

I have a Rega Planar 3 with a Orotofon 2m Bronze and wondering if upgrading is worth it at all and result in a better sound? Was thinking of going to the Exact 2. Is this a pretty good upgrade? I have heard the 2m black is significantly better than the bronze but a bit more fussy. 

Appreciate your thoughts and experiences.
The Black will give you more detail with a slight increase in surface noise. If that irks you, a Nagaoka MP500 might work for you.

Rega Exact is better than black on classical . Also beats the Nagoka  300 i have .
On anything else I don't know .

I don't mind surface noise too much... Though a reduction would be nice. Is the Exact 2 better than the Bronze generally?
I had a 2M Bronze for a bit on a Classic arm but have the Exact on my RP6.  IMO they are about the same level for rock etc.  It would probably be a lateral move.  
What type of sound do you prefer? Detailed at any cost? Warm and enveloping? Type of music? Details of system?