Rega Osiris Single Channel White Noise Help

Woke up this morning to listen to some music and there was a new "white noise" coming from my right speaker only. Left is silent. The noise is constant. Does not change with volume control or input changing. I've unplugged all inputs from the amp, have changed power source from my PS Audio to directly to the wall and no matter what I do the noise is still there. Only from the right channel. I've swapped cables and speakers so I know its coming from the amp. I have linked a video of the noise. Is the amp broken? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!




Yes, your amp is broken. Contact The Sound Organisation to arrange for repair; (972) 234-0182.


dunno what this …. I have the REGA OSIRIS integrated amp too. Mine required a warranty fix on a different matter but still a main board related 9 years ago and it’s been flawless ever since,

SOUND ORGANISATION provided the warranty authorization and routed me to their designated guru tech in LA.

You should have a lifetime warranty on it . If you are not the original registered owner you may need the original owner sales receipt etc.

Looks like you are not alone with a main board issue ….. see #2 below. I had issue #1 (and a main board warranty fix) below. I took it to a local tech who “ popped the hood” and put in a thin washer/spacer to permit the power switch to “unstick” …. EZPZ fix to the sticking switch when it got warmed up. No problem now .


“ …. There are 2 disturbing problems with the Rega Osiris which I cannot find a outlet for proper constructive feedback:

1. The power switch: After some listening, I simply cannot power off the unit. The power button is stuck and I actually need to pull out the button in order to turn it off.

2. There is a constant hissing/buzzing on the left channel. It comes with intermittent high frequency mosquito-like rings as well. I have cautiously checked and concluded that the left channel is the culprit. The right channel is almost silent.

I have a replacement unit from the dealer and the outcome is the same. This is frustrating for a high-end model from Rega. And the issue is made worse by the seclusion of Rega - Is there anyway to contact them on this? Thanks for the advice”. …”