White Van enjoyment

Anyone ever have any white van speakers they enjoyed? Show some Pics.
Wow, a blast from the past. I thought that was just a Pennsylvania thing. @ebm back in the 80's and 90's and maybe longer, I just remember it from my teen years, this white van would drive around with 2 guys trying to sell a pair of speakers. They would patrol car wash, auto parts parking lots and home store parking lots. Always the same story. They would drive up to guys in parking lots "hey, we were out doing an a home stereo install and we have an extra pair of speakers, our boss will kill us if we bring them back. They sell for thousands but we will let them go for a couple hundred" 
Friend of mine still has his after 25-30 years,....probably longer....I’ll get the brand and when he bought em, and get back this week.....!
name I don’t know, I do remember he blew a driver, they sent him a new one free.
small towers with 2 bass drivers and a tweeter. We even hooked them up to my now deceased Rotel rb1090. 
   They did pretty well I remember.  He picked them up from a job site he was on , typical , 1500$ speakers, etc etc. , he dropped 200$ for them.

 As far as I know he still has them.    They didn’t sound that bad hooked to the Rotel when he brought them over. 
Never had the pleasure. Hoping for Dyna Labs.
What are you talking about?
Who you askin'?
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