Rega Osiris vs LFD NCSE

Can anyone compare the sounds of these two integrateds? Have Harbeth C7ES-3's driven by an Elicit-R and am curious about the next level up.  Nobody has the Osiris to demo and folks with Harbeth's seem to espouse the magnificence of LFD however I'm curious how the two differ sonically.  
I have the REGA OSIRIS and the LFD was the 2nd place finisher when I upgraded .
Both are at my very top of the list of contenders.

I chose the REGA OSIRIS integrated amp for three reasons:

(1) It was a clear winner sonically as the synergy stablemate for my REGA ISIS valve cdp/ DAC
(2) It was a clear winner for the best of breed synergy with the rest of my system.
(3) The OSIRIS was a step-up in all of dynamics, presence, headroom , )insert your own comparative) in MY experience.

my local dealer carries both so I had them in a head to head bake-off.

His / my caution points :

The LFD NCSE craves / needs / dare I say DEMANDS its own high-end LFD cables to excel . That is ALL of IC’s, speaker, and power...if you have them, great.... If you don’t, you have compromised your best available performance. The differences were not subtle.

The OSIRIS was significantly more forgiving in associated options in cables , and simply blossomed with an all-NORDOST FREY cables array. ( Yes, I upgraded immediately)

My takeaway.

Either is a fine option and you won’t be disappointed with either option with your speakers IMO, but

(a) a careful pairing with your source would be high on my checklist, AND
(b) the bespoke sonic characteristics of all of your cables are more dramatic influencers when you move up into this high-end strata of equipments.

Happy hunting for the contenders, these are no pretenders.

Hey thanks so much, very informative.  I'd love to someday down the line upgrade my Saturn-R to the ISIS so logically it might make more sense to front it with the Osiris.