I am thinking of buying the Avalon Osiris.

Any Advise?
Tall ceiling, large room, high current amps with stiff power supplies. The speakers were designed with MIT cables in mind. See Jonathan Scull's write-up in the Feb 1996 Stereophile, page 41.
I have heard this speaker,and honestly,it is a CLASSIC.You won't do better,even in todays overpopulated market.One thing,you must have a good sized room,and good amplification.If the speakers are in good shape,and the price is right(list was 72 thousand U.S. dollars),you will be thrilled!!I do have Avalons,but they are the Ascents,which are also a fabulous design(precursor to the Osiris),and quite honestly cannot see myself upgrading to anything else,so long as I am in my current mid sized room.Even these speakers were still WAY ahead of their time,and easy to drive,like the Osiris!!Also,both the Osiris and Ascent mk2,used very good metal dome technology(two modified titanium tweeters and an aluminum/magnesium mid driver on the Osiris.These drivers,regardless of industry hype,are INCREDIBLY revealing,yet to my ear,are extremely good at getting timbres correct.Resolution is,also,exemplary!They will ruthlessly reveal any upstream problems.This can be wonderful,if you have a carefully voiced system,yet is a nightmare,if you don't give it really good ancillary stuff.

Best to you,and keep me posted.
Looking at the rest of his system I think he does.
If I where you I would also invest in a rack.
BTW-I took a look at your equipment list.I begin to wonder if you are a collector or dealer.If you are a collector,I really love your stuff.You definitely have the ancillaries to drive the Osiris.If a dealer,you have some great stuff,that unfortunately,you won't experience much.

One thing,pertaining to room acoustics,is PLEASE make sure to give CLOSE attention,if you go for the Osiris.Your room seems a bit under treated,though I have not seen the entire room picture.The Osiris MUST have a very carefully treated room,and this is how I have heard them.Based on this parameter,you should be the envy of a ton of hobbyists.Including me.

Best regards.
In all seriousness, looking at the pictures of your room, you have great gear already, but how big is the room? The thing that has most impressed me about Avalon speakers (Sirspeedy, if you ever sell those Ascents you've lost your mind--classics in every sense of the word) is their soundstaging ability, and ability to disappear, but they really need to be out a bit into the room to be able to do this at their best. I can't tell how far out from the wall you can bring them, but where you have the SFs would not be far enough, in my view, to get the best out of the Osiris.
Rcprince,I currently have the Ascents 8 1/2 feet out,into a 22.5x13 room.The staging is superb,yet Avalon would like them an additional foot out.This won't happen.Not to sound like I'm trying to rationalise something I own(every hobbyist is guilty of this,to some extent),I have been told by Avalon,that they had recently gotten back a pair of Ascent MK 2's,in trade,and "had forgotten how good they were"!I am constantly appealing to myself,not to rationalize these speakers,yet truthfully cannot find any reason to upgrade.I,also,take care of them "to a museum standard".Steve Huntly,of Great Northern Sound,has also recently stated,to me, that these were Avalon's pinnacle product,in his opinion.Obviously the Osiris is a much better speaker, for a larger room,yet I have been able to bridge the gap(a bit) by adding one REL Stentor sub,and bringing it in at 24hz.Very low gain.What can I say,as I do LOVE SO many competing designs,including much of the new Avalon line,yet the Ascents are an incredibly easy load,and are a sealed box(makes a diff).The external crossover is a really nice touch,and the system maxes out at 110 lbs more(mass is a GOOD thing in many speakers)than the newer competing Avalons.They just exude "old world hand craftsmanship".Well I guess I AM rationalizing a bit,but NOT much!!Though I really do believe that these were discontinued in favor of a better marketing version product,by adding the crossover to one box,and not needing to tri-wire.Makes sense,but I'll still keep my "Iridescent Tropical Olivewood Beauties".I'm really hooked,even years after purchase.That's a REALLY good thing,IMO!

As this thread IS about the Osiris,all I can state is that Avalon has admitted to the fact that it was far too expensive a design to produce(Wilson ruled back then,as they do today,and not alot could be sold),and felt the newer Sentinal(I have not heard this,yet It must be superb)was more economically(from a production standpoint)viable!Anyone wanting to trade me a pair of Osiris' for mine?I'll take it!The Osiris' were capable of incredible dynamic range,like many of todays super speakers.Could reproduce inner detail,also like many of todays top designs,yet few of the really mega speakers could DO realistic timbres,like the Osiris!I don't know,but those modded metal domes,in the upper frequencies,seem more natural than the ceramic stuff.Maybe it's just me.And YES,the Osiris will definitely need to be well out into the room.Anyone owning them I automatically HATE(just kidding)!!

While we are at it(and I'm NOT married to one product line),the Isis looks WAY cute too!!

Best regards.
Hi All,
I owned a pair of Osiris speakers for 4 years, until I sold them last year, in favor of Dynaudio Temptations. These speakers can be very difficult to set up. You need a large room, both for the height of them, as well as for thsound. For imaging and soundstage purposes, they need to be out into the room quite a ways.
They need excellent amplification. They are actually a difficult speaker to drive, since their sensitivity varies with the different drivers used. I went through Rowland 9Ti's, Pass 600's and Krell 750 Mcx's until I settled on a Boulder 2060 stereo amp. I spoke at lenght to the people at Avalon and they told me that they had used ARC 300 amps to help voice them, but I believe that tube amps do not need to apply for this job. You may find , as I did, that the Osiris speakers are voiced on the "polite" side as far as midbass and bass are concerned.
To conclude, a wonderful speaker if you have the right room, the right amplification and the right sources, but this is something that you can say about any speaker. It's intteresting, I sold my speakers to a man in South Korea. If you are buying serial numbers 9 and 10, you're getting a good set.

Good Luck,
David Shapiro
You guys are all GREAT , what a wonderful hobby to have,
feel the energy of all these great comments.This is what keep me going with Audio and music..I feel proud to be an audiophile.

Mr. Shapiro you know what? they are serial no. 9, 10s. I just met the guy who had them originally purely by accident who sold them to a dealer who sold me the Wilson Benesch Bishops. I just bought XLO Limited Balanced cables from the guy tonight and he told me he bought the Avalons from US and shipped them to Korea. That guy had more gears then me by far, I mean this guy had 5 sets of Goldmund speakers by almost every generation. FM Acoustics Monos, 2 sets of Audio Research Ref 3,MKII preamps, Jadis , Goldmund transports and Kharma Inter Cables ..and list goes on and on.

Wow, I am actually tracing and finding the family root of "THE" Osiris too. There are only few in Korea...less than 20 probably...

I own Avalon Opus just for AV and have not given them enough attention. I regret and I am going to hook them up in my living room to my Krell 650MC monos this weekend see what they can do as well..

All you guys are absolutely correct in terms of the room treatments and tunings. And of course the SIZE .

My living room is not that big but my roof goes up quite high gradually and that is a plus.
I heard the Osiris at one dealer location with Boulder 2050 Monos and A-B tested it with Wilson MAXX2 side by side couple of weeks ago with DCS front end . BTW, They are the different pair from the one I want to buy...remember serial 9,10
No comparison I though the Avalons were so much more detailed and relaxed where the MAXX2 sounded tangled and compressed. Every voice notes and guitar notes were so clear. I am sure the MAXX2 are great ones too, I have also owned WATT PUPPY 6 s for a while but I had a difficult time brining them to full potential.

After that session I felt Osiris were my dream speakers. I heard the Dynaudio Temtation at US dealers and I thought they were absolute as well but I felt they were too expensive for me.

The current dealer wants US$60K for the Osiris. He said he paid 50K US$ and they guy who sold it to the dealer whom I met tonight said it cost him US64K after tax and shipping cost to bring them to Korea. They are beautiful speakers with almost no scratch on it.

I can only sell my Bishops for US$22K so it is quite a jump for me. I was thinking of driving them with 2 pairs of PASS XA200 Monos...?Am I going overboard here?

5 Speaker 1M short Cables I assume I will need to connect
it to the Osiris. More Audioquest Silver cables...

I am just a guy who had passion for these audio equipments since middle school...went on to study Electrical Engineering in collage..looked up to guys like Levinson, D'Gastino, and Nelson Pass. But I felt making money is easier then designing amps...and instead of making a career out of it ..I made it a hobby..so please I am not a dealer ..I will neve be one..I see better systems and far more exclusive system here which is WW .Korea is a huge market for highend stuff as all of North Asia is..I think the reason ? There is really nothing more better to do other than playing golf in a crowded course. !!!

Sirspeedy, give me some advise on room treatments..I think you are so right...you guys are all experts here...
Hi Hugo,
There is a pair for sale at www.higherfi.com for much cheaper than you are thinking of paying. The Boulders would be a fantastic match to the Avalon's.
David Shapiro
Hugos,the high ceiling is a big benefit.When I bought my Avalon Ascent MK-2's I had a dedicated room built,literally to match the speaker energy projection.Only 8 ft ceiling,though.Due to construction costs.I had been advised by Avalon,on the dimensions,so it worked out great.It took me a couple of years to get it right.I have a large collection of original label Decca,Emi,Mercury,and Rca lp's.Along wiyh many other labels.I designed the room to allow for built in record shelves along the sides.This gave me good diffraction properties.I,then experimented(it helps that I have some very experienced audio friends)with various accoustical treatments.Remember,before the Osiris,the Ascent was Avalon's premier design,and are really an incredible speaker,but not designed for too large a room.I knew this and have been very careful with ancillaries(Rowland/Audio Research,all highly modified,btw),as well as careful room treatment.

You will have to be EVEN MORE conscious of your room's characteristics,as you will be generating much more energy,than me.I see no reason for it to be anything less than superb in low frequency energy,contrary to what was previously stated,with alot of care.This IS important,and cannot be overemphasized!!I'll try to be specific,since you have asked for the advice,but don't take my word as final.You must experiment,and research what is involved in proper room acoustics.You do not have to hire an outside service,for this,as careful personal comparisons are really all you need.As long as you aren't impatient.

Also--DO NOT treat the ceilings with any damping material.I have tried this,a few times.Once at the recommendation of a well known audio reviewer,who I knew,and it closed down the sound.DO treat the side wall area,depending on room width,with either something like energy absorption,or diffraction.Trial and error will come into play,but you WILL be rewarded.

Hugos,I have my equipment(as stated Rowland 8t,two chasis model,with second chasis upgraded from bettery to switch mode power supply,Audio Research Pre/phono,Levinson CD,SOTA table with Graham arm/Transfiguration,and good cabling)situated behind my equipment,like you do.This gives some degree of diffraction,and I have a narrow thin rug type awning above the equipment,in area behind speakers.I,also have corner tube traps,behind speakers,in corners.NOT TOO wide tube traps,as I had to experiment here.I have some 1/2 round, 5 foot tube traps mounted on wall to the side of the speakers,actually just behind where cabinet ends.Behind my listening area is a bay window,treated with a long absorptive(not alot)shade.To the side of my ear area is some flat Tube trap panels.I have small corner tunes,in area behind,and above speakers,along with a couple of flat absorptive panels.All carefully experimented with.

Oh yeah,I have carpeting in the room,and have mentioned that I use a REL Stentor sub bass system(behind right speaker)that is crossed over at 24 hz,and is set with VERY low gain,so as not to impede the Avalons' soundstage.

That should give you an idea of what I have done,which is NOT your room,obviously,yet maybe you can get something out of it.Obviously I'm supremely happy,but I've spent years modifying almost every piece of equipment,as well as the room.

The other things to cover,again,is bring the Osiris WAY out into room,if you want to hear them really breathe.They are almost like an omni directional speaker,they are so open,when set up right.Little adjustments can be BIG!!!

Also,please don't get mad---but, the what looks like a beautiful marble,on wall,behind system will most likely HAVE to be treated,if you want to hear what your current stuff can really do.Particularly with the Osiris in system.I hope you have an understanding wife,here!That's one reason I built a room.

Well that's about it,for now.I really wish you the best of luck!Keep us posted!!
I suggest that you consider the current Avalon top-of-the-line, the Sentinel. If Neil Patel decided to replace the Osiris with the Sentinel it's all for good reasons. I trust his ears and believe in the forward progression in technology that creates better components. I would also suggest that you work closely with a dealer who knows the product and will be there to support you regarding placement, component matching, etc.

Good listening!

I have read your comprehensive comments over and over again, and I realize that I have been too lazy with room tunings and treatments. And that the process will take years to come, I am just recently tuning the system through various cables. I almost there.

I have tried various combinations, first and foremost speaker cables. Tried Kimber Select 1130s, Audioquest Silver cables SKY, Siltech G3s, Wireworld GE V , Transparent Ref, XLO Limited, and etc. I have come to a conclusion with either SKY or XLOs. I think the AQs provide so much more sizzle and excitements, XLO provide the most balance and detail, wish I had some sort of the combinations of the two. The cables running between my source was not as effective as the cables between Pre Amp and Power Amps. Which really means that the PreAmp does make its interpretations instead of being completely colorless.

Now this process was certainly painful and fun. The room stuff I know is probably one of the most important factors. The dealers in Korea are not entirely professional and does not have the knowledge of installations according to manufacture’s specs. They are just good for lifting and moving.

The marbles in the back of the room was designed to have a PDP Screen without any concern to the music listening.
I agree I should treat them first, as I do I will post pictures. As for bringing the speakers outwards is almost impossible due to space. My room is about 7M by 5.5M. So I am only 4M from the speakers. I could move my system sideways but theat whole side is the window(glass) all over. I may just try that. My roof is 2.5M going slanted to about 4M. The window side is 2.5M and 4M toward the kitchen ...I need a new house!!!

Right now I am negotiating hard for the speakers, I will however exchange my Krells with another pair of PASS XA 200 and try bi-amping ...this is an expensive venture...

will keep you guys posted ...I thank you all of your help and advise your really professional, j

Just asking ? I have a pair of Avalon Opus do you think I should trade them in for Avalon Ascent MKII ?


Hugos,thanks for the continued correspondence.You are clearly on your way to audio nirvana.If not already there.I'm really happy for you!!

The system and acoustical issues will ultimately work themselves out.So long as you do a little research into how to set up a room,for acoustical performance.You will find that,once the room acoustical issues are dealt with,the performance/voicing of some of your cable choices may change.This is due,to a great extent,to room/music interface,impacting how we perceive timbral information.It is a learning curve we all make.I'm still learning,all the time.

As to selling the Opus,to get the Ascent.I'd suggest you do not do so.The reason being--You have alot on your plate,already,in dealing with the possible addition(I'm assuming you're getting the Osiris)of a full range system like the Osiris.Put your attention into the MAIN set up,before dealing with secondary stuff.Plus,I don't want to come off as some do,in overhyping my own speakers(in this case the Ascent MK-2),although I have heard a TON of current systems,and there is no doubt,to me,that the Ascent is directly competitive with any newer designs,putting out the same basic energy.I love much of the new stuff,but,as an experienced hobbyist has proven to me(a dear friend,actually)in his own set-up(he is a former reviewer),using common sense,and having a good ear,will tell you if you really think a later design is actually superior to some older ones.Sometimes yes,and sometimes not really.Though if you do go for the Osiris,and set it up well,I can promise you that you won't be listening to the Bishops too much!

Anyway,I wish you the best!!

Regards,from New Jersey.

You are right on the cable selections, so I going to keep most of them until the room is set. I think this journey will take quite sometime.

Regarding the Opus, I have just hooked them up to my Nagras, instead of Krells, and they are absolute knock out. I know I bought a pair of these for a reason.
Back in the poor collage days, I heard a pair of Radian and Mark Levinson gear at a dealer here and I was so amazed that I would want to own that sounded just like it.

Now after almost 12 some years, after buying and listening so much I had to try the Avalons. There are a lot of Ascent MKIIs, Radians, Radian HCs here. I almost bought a pair of Radian HCs but I waited to get the OPUS, I had to wait longer for the OPUS Ceramique, and I gave it almost no attention , instead I used it for AV with my Classe Amps. Today before making a huge decision I had to give my OPUS its best shot and also wanted to see what "Avalon" could offer, since all makers have a certain dolor of sound.
I never realized a small Nagra Amp with 50W pure A class could deliver so much for my OPUS. I am listening to them as I write this ...I love it ..I am now really confused..
I am definately selling my Guarneris!!! I think these Avalon can do all the detail, imaging and so much more. In terms of deatil it is quite shocking. Now, the Nagra and Avlon has the same front DCS end but cables and so are not even close to my main WB/PASS/ML system. So I need now to exlore the full potential of these OPUS. Some one tld me to trade them in for Wilson Audio Watt/puppy 5.1..but I am glad I kept these. I have used the WP 6 combination before
with my Krells but I didn't like them too much , too thin and sharp for me.

Now the violin sounds really sweet but just a little bit dull (Not bright), I need better cables....

Osiris, the dealer called me 3 times today..I am pushing back till I finish the exploration with my OPUS. How do I get a little more brightness in my highs...
Sirspeedy ,

Where in NJ do you live ? I used to live in Piscataway and Deamrest for over 8 years...If I get the Osiris I am trading my Bisops. Natural path I think !!
Hugos,I'm happy for you.Don't get on the non stop buying and selling syndrome.You can never get great sound until you buy good stuff,and live with it awhile.As time goes on,you will find correct cable matching,etc!Best wishes.

Robetje--I have the two additional mods offered by Avalon,at the time.These were--updated, modified by Avalon tweeters.Much better than the stock.Incredible detail,and extension.Also--there was a woofer mod,which was a reinforcment,from behind the driver,of the driver "basket".This added more impact,but did not allow the system to go below about 40hz.The frequency limitation of these speakers (which really is NO big deal,as the midbass blows away any ported design,I've heard,in actual realism,as opposed to Hi Fi effect)is easily corrected with a really good sub,like one of the better REL's.Once this is implemented,you get a HUGE soundstage,but it took me a really long time to properly voice the sub,since the Ascents are so fast,and articulate,in the bottom octave.In a good sized room,the sub really deepens the bottom,but it must be used with discretion(not turned up alot,and very low crossover point).The combination is directly competitive with some of the Kharma/sub preferences,which are popular,but the Kharmas,though well regarded for soundstage,cannot approach the staging of the Ascent/REL Stentor combo,and really cannot match,IMO,the timbral accuracy,here.Not close,actually,AND obviously this set-up is NOT the latest product,from the latest line-up,but who cares!!Great performance is great performance.I doubt that STRAD owners,or Vintage Martin guitar owners are running out to get the latest replacement instruments.Not that new stuff is not great,but why dump something that performs to such an incredibly high standard.When I get a good answer to that one,I'll consider it!

Best to all.
Sirspeedy, we have GOT to get you into the NJ Audio Society so you can host a meeting!!!!
Reprince,I hope you are kidding!It's easy to come off,on the web,as a person of real tried and true experience.In actuality I'm just a typical hobbyist,but with some very good,and experienced audio pals.My own takes/experience IS to be taken with a grain of salt,as it is just my personal opinions.Nothing else!The only thing I've learned(after spending multiple thousands on this hobby,which can be like a drug habbit,for some)is that common sense,and good advice from friends,in the know,ALWAYS trumps a "hot product review",or marketing effort.

Best regards!

I think that you are way too modest. I view you as a knowledgeable veteran audiophile who enjoys the journey in finding the holy grail of audio nirvana. In many ways our approaches are similar: tweaking and optimization of older components that have excellent fundamental design, and the belief that our ears and not “hype” are the final arbiters of good sound.
George,I'm really happily surprised as to your pleasant response to me.I've kind of felt that you were a very knowledgeable,but somewhat edgy(in a good way)audio buff.I do agree with much of your overall feelings pertaining to things audio,but not having your language command,have gotten myself into a bit of trouble.I have seen your component selections,and have mentioned it to a good amount of my little group.Your overall set-up has gone over very well with almost everyone.BTW-I'm NOT stroking you.You clearly know what you're doing.Believe me,when I state that I have been through a ton of stuff,and am really satisfied,beyond belief,with my current stuff.I simply have a specific sound that I aspire to.This has been really hard for me to achieve,and I'm not going to move on,in lieu of some new review/marketing pitch.Though alot of my set-up is really quite new,when you factor in the numerous updates/rebuilds,I've made.I simply feel that if there is a way to update a really good existing product,that has proven it's worth,that's the way to go.I used to replace stuff regularly,and was never happy,when actually listening to my music collection.I've simply taken a different approach,for me only.Some still love the latest buzz product.No laws broken there.Without rationalization,my group would be on me in a second,if there were any glaring problems in my set-up.BTW--I have a pal who has just upgraded from the 3.6 to the 20.1.Unfortunately he is having more than a few problems with his new Huricanes(not the weather).Thought you might be interested.

Best regards!!
Hugo7: Buy them! I have the Radians with an all Spectral setup. Avalon speakers are holographic, imaging is superb and the soundstage just wraps around the room. With the Spectral, it gives the best presentation of the cello I have heard to date. The Spectral gives it an edgy sound sometimes, but when I listen to Schnikke I would not have it any other way. I get goose bumps listening to the string quartets of Beethoven and Schubert. Just unbelieveable
Sirspeedy, echoing Gmorris's post, I think your attitude and experience mirror that of many in the club, including myself. And I like to program music meetings as well as equipment, yours would be a system for listening to music.

I still have vivid memories in the past from listening to Mike Hobson's Ascents powered by Rowland electronics in his NYC store--the best soundstaging I'd ever heard from a box speaker at the time, and an overwhelming musical experience. If the Ascents had a few more hertz extension in the bass (I do listen to a lot of organ) and could easily have been lugged out further into my living room and back before and after serious listening sessions, I might have chosen them over my Duntech Princesses (another classic design, IMO).
Rcprince,I'm not a society/club kind of guy,but thanks for the kind comments.

Funny that you mention Hobson,and his old loft.That is where I first heard my Ascents,and it is Hobson who sold them to me.Along with the Rowlands.Truthfully,I thought the sound he got,the night I auditioned them SUCKED.I never would have bought them,at the time(had Infinity Betas,then)except I knew Michael Gindi,who had them,and basically "swore in blood" that I'd be thrilled,in my own home.I,also knew in advance(from some friends/reviewers,who couldn't keep a secret)that the Ascents were getting very favorable responses from the folks at TAS,and there was going to be a large price increase in two weeks.So I made the move.As a funny aside,the night we went to Hobson's Manhattan loft,as we came down from his apt. we were greeted with Richard Gere,having a rather loud fight with his girl friend,in front of Hobson's house.There was a little restaurant in the front of the bldg.,where I guess they were having a "not so great dinner".My silly friend wanted to say something to him,and I stated that if he did open his mouth,he'd be taking the train home to Brooklyn!

In actuality,with the current crop of equipment I have driving my speakers,they probably go down to 30 or 35 hz,CLEAN,and with staggering dynamics,and detail retrieval.Particularly in the lowere registers,where many(not all,but most)ported designs are designed to favorably enhance the signal.This is not accuracy,but alot of folks like it.

Fortunately,as I live in the Metro area,I can hear ALL the latest stuff,as a means of comparison.I really DO like alot of it,and don't feel that the newer stuff is not also great,yet much of the hot to trot buzz products are,to me,here today and gone tomorrow flavor of the month stuff.After all I've owned and heard, if something stands out,consistently over the course of time,and is built to an heirloom standard,my best interests are served in keeping it updated,and maintaining it,to a high standard.Hey,that's just me!

Actually, I have not yet !!!, instead I am indulging my self with Eggleston Savyos for now, and a pair of Wilson Benesch Chimera for time being...

I am pursuing it till the dealer gives me a better price,
my front end is ready for Osiris though...
I have just traded my Radians (not the HC version) in for a pair of Ascents MkII. Powered by a pair of made in the USA Fouriers 200 wpc OTL they give a somewhat laid back sound with excellent dynamics and timbre. Voices are superb. As they seem to need a long break-in period (even after 15 years)I haven`t heard all there is. To be continued.
I too picked up a pair of Ascents MkII speakers that have replaced a pair of Dunlavy SC4a speakers. I am driving them with a Pass Labs 350.5 and the combination has motivated many of my audio club friends to re-consider their opinions of the necessity for a tube power amp. I have an REL Stadium tucked in the corner of the room, but for most listening sessions it is not used. The Ascents have a wonderful midrange and with adequate amplification the bass is tight and detailed. I'm still playing with room placement, but the room is 15' X 32' and has a sloping ceiling that goes to 12'. I greatly enjoyed reading this discussion and I'd like to thank the participants.
Well said and well done for those who have achieved the nivarna in the world of sound reproduction. All should learn the high spirit of SirSpeedy putting his heart and soul knowing what he wants in the first place, to derive every single bit from his speakers system. We should also learn not just the palette of sound or we call it the sound spectrum using the so called "Yin" and "Yang" and i hate to use such terms to describe what one sould hear as there is always another aspect, which to me, matter so much in the business of high end components -- the relative intensity level of energy within the spectrum of sound. It is the ability of the designer of the component to build this intensity level of energy to individual frequency within the sound spectrum that creates ultimately the "Yin" or "Yang" description that we like to use. So, this is the reason why I always believe there are a lot of real "good" sounding components out there and it is really the combinations of these components including room acoustic that give you the sound you would like to hear. Please not to get into habits in spending money unnecessarily. The reviewer is right to say that some of these yesteryear components are still that good to be around.
Well said and well done for those who have achieved the nivarna in the world of sound reproduction. All should learn the high spirit of SirSpeedy putting his heart and soul knowing what he wants in the first place, to derive every single bit from his speakers system. We should also learn not just the palette of sound or we call it the sound spectrum using the so called "Yin" and "Yang" and i hate to use such terms to describe what one sould hear as there is always another aspect, which to me, matter so much in the business of high end components -- the relative intensity level of energy within the spectrum of sound. It is the ability of the designer of the component to build this intensity level of energy to individual frequency within the sound spectrum that creates ultimately the "Yin" or "Yang" description that we like to use. So, this is the reason why I always believe there are a lot of real "good" sounding components out there and it is really the combinations of these components including room acoustic that give you the sound you would like to hear. Please not to get into habits in spending money unnecessarily. The reviewer is right to say that some of these yesteryear components are still that good to be around.
How well could a pair of Avalon Ascent MkII match with Audio Research VT100 MkIII.
The Ascents are a fairly easy load,to drive.Unless your room is huge,and you listen to loud rock,you should be fine.BTW--those are fine components,in and of themselves.


as i own a pair of avalon osiris, i would like to talk to "sirspeedy70680@earthlink.net" about this speakers...
hello sirspeedy, my e-mail address is rschockaert@skynet .be
i did try to reach you via other ways, but unsuccesfully... hope this helps now...


dr roland schockaert
Dr.Roland,I'll try to reach you when I get into my ofice,on Thursday.If not,you can reach me at sirspeedy7068@earthlink.net(no 70680,just 7068)BTW,you have wonderful speakers.