Rega P5 with Dynavector 10x5....ready to buy ???

Thanks to a ton of internet research, speaking with distributors, internet sales consultants and hi-fi shop owners, and Audiogon forum insight,..... I have "just about decided" to purchase the Rega P-5 with the Dynavector 10x5 as an upgrade to my system. Please click on my "system" to see my set-up. Is this a good decision, allowing me to enjoy my large collection of 1950's - 1960's jazz ?? My only other thought is to consider the Benz-Micro Ace S H. As with many of us, this decison must be made without auditioning, as there is no local dealer near me. Thanks
I really like my P5, jazz sounds fantastic on it. I have the Rega Exact 2 cartridge, you might consider that as you can get a discount on it from most dealers and retailers if you buy it with the table. I have not heard it with a different cartridge, so I can't comment on that comparison.
You will like this table. I have had my P5 for a few years now, upgraded from a P3. Very significant upgrade in all areas, even before adding the power supply upgrade.

I have run it with both the Dyna 10x5 and a Benz ACE-M. The 10x5 is a great cartridge for this table; so is the Benz. The 10x5 is a bit more lively and exciting on top, while the Benz is smoother.

I would go with the cheaper cartridge and save until I could get a used power supply for the table. This would be the way to go. I also have found the aftermarket counterweights are a big improvement, too. (I have used both the Expressimo Heavyweight and now the Michell Tecnoweight.) Those upgrades should be in your future.

Enjoy it!
I've a P5 with Exact II combo. I love it. What about upgrading your TT and moving your cartridge across. That way, you'd know how much improvement was the hardware, and you could buy a new Cartridge later - if you need it.
Adam18, I also have the separate TT-PSU, and my phono stage is the Bellari VP129. I use the PrimaLuna Dialogue 2 integrated amp, which drives my Klipsch Cornwall 2's. I also have the Rega Apollo CD player.
Thanks, Learsfool.........Sounds like an extremely musical system. I bet that your PrimaLuna is really a nice piece, somewhat similar to my Rogue Audio Cronus. Did you start out with the TT-PSU, or did you add it later and notice an improvement over the P5 by itself ?

I'm glad that you are happy with the Rega P5......another confirmation that I'm making the right choice. I'll go with the Dynavector 10x5, mainly because I'm excited about the idea of a high output MC pick-up which should work well with my Rogue's built-in phono stage. Happy Listening, my friend.
Adam18 - I do like the sound of the PrimaLuna, and prefer it to the Rogue amps, which are a little too bright for my taste. And I like that you can run the Dialogue 2 in either ultralinear or triode mode at the touch of a button, that's a very nice feature. I haven't even begun to truly explore it by tube rolling, though, which would be lots of fun.

I started right out with the TT-PSU, having both read about and heard the difference before I bought. It is definitely worth it!

I have heard that the Dynavector's match well with the Rega tables. My Bellari will not do MC cartridges, unfortunately. Eventually I would like to get a phonostage that will, or get a step-up transformer. I would also like one that has a mono switch, as I have a fair amount of old mono classical LP's. Unfortunately, these upgrades will probably be far in the future yet.

Enjoy your table - I bet you will be really happy with it!