REL 212/SE

Hello Folks,

I am looking for your feedback on REL 212/SE sub. I currently own a pair of REL B1's in my HT setup. Due to recent additions in my HT setup, I lost the space for second sub. So I was thinking about selling my B1's and get one powerful sub.

Some of you may say, why not just sell one B1 and keep the other. I have been spoiled with 2 subs and one sub is just not 'enough' in my dedicated room (30'W x 18'D). The B1's are rated 500W each.

I would like to get Gotham g213 but can't afford it. The new sub will be paired with my B&W 800D2's.

Thank you for your time.
I am not 100% convinced about DB1 being in the same league as Gotham or 212/SE.

I have read couple of good reviews on DB1, let's see if I can find a way to audition one.
I can't argue with your logic. A demo is extremely important. I don't trust reviews, good or bad. I was just thinking it would be the best match for your speakers. I've had B&W subs that I used in an all B&W system, and they did work well. But it was a while back and several generations prior to what you have.
I heard the REL 212-SE recently at a demo for some other speakers. I came away from the demo wanting a pair of REL's myself. In the demo, only 1 REL was used with the pair of speakers..and it handled itself quite impressively.
"I came away from the demo wanting a pair of REL's myself".....Thank you for your feedback.
Just a suggestion, but you might want to look at the Seaton Submersive. Made by Mark Seaton, two 15 inch speakers and 2400 watts. Just google it for more info. I own two and love them.
I Googled Seaton and there is nothing there. Their website is under construction. Not much info on their "forum".
Same here. Not much info on Seaton or REL 212/SE.

I am leaning towards JL Audio f112vs2 or f113v2. The earlier version got rave reviews all around.
Here is a link that provides more info on the Seaton Submersive.
I know a fella had the JL audio F212 and rel G1 and he ditched the JL and kept the Rel. Way more refined and I think how the Rel hooks up just can't be beat......
I had 3 JL F113's stacked and they were just ok to be honest.  They bottomed out for home theater and were ok for music but seemed underpowered and didn't play very low.  Maybe my room was the issue also, who knows...

I am getting back into 2 channel audio and purchased Wilson Sasha 2's which are awesome but lack bass along with a Krell FPB 300 amp.  I just ordered a 212 SE after talking to a lot of knowledgable folks in audio.  The sub should be here in a week or 2 and I cannot wait!