REL is dead. Long live REL

Hi Guys,

REL Acoustics has been sold to Sumiko!!!

Per a recent press release:

It’s all change for REL. The UK ’s best known subwoofer brand has changed hands, having been bought out by its US distributors, Sumiko.

Richard Edmund Lord, the mastermind behind all the company’s previous award winning products, and affectionately known as The Lord of Bass, is no longer involved.

Rising from the ashes of REL is an entirely new company, REL Acoustics.
Its upcoming 'R' series subwoofers have been conceived by Sumiko and will be built in China . Further distancing themselves from previous REL products, they will utilize digital amplification.
Terrat: Dude, you're confusing Dr Richard Lord with Mr Richard Lord... Ignorance is bliss, indeed!
It's a small world:

Dr. Lord's work on "Soundless Music" looks interesting:
I've heard the new Rels quite extensively namely the B1, and the new Rel 205. I own the strata 5 , Q150e and the Q400E.

The new Rel 205 is gorgeous and out of the box, it has the Rel sound that is common to the Rels i owned. After a few weeks break in, I must admit, they sound better and integrates better than my Q150E.

The B1 which I briefly auditioned and loaned from my dealer is just AWESOME!!!!!! Wow, its a bigger 400E on stereods. the bass is just tight, deep and it disappears at the back of the speakers! Its magical. No way boomy or overpowering!! Nope! It seamlessly blends with the speakers.
I'm now in the process of selling my 400E and trading up for the B1. Incredible sub.

I cannot even tell the R series is made in China. The driver looks the same to my Q150E drivers. The box is just drop dead gorgeous. It cabinet is solid and the amp is dead quite. I would like to try the bigger R505 which they claim is better than the Q series even the 400e.

Anyhow, I've own rels for years now and I believe they are very good subs. Yes, they are expensive but truly worth every penny. I use my Rels for home theater and 2 channel set-up. Have yet to be disappointed. Sorry for those who feels differently. To each his own and YMMV.
For those of you who have heard the new rels like the R series or the britania, How would you say they compare to the strata or other ST line? Has anyone compared the Rel's, new or old, to the M&k line or MJ acoustics? I am looking to spend aroun 1000-1500 and want a sub to fill the very bottom in for me. Primary use is 2 channel, but I want some grunt for HT use also. Shouls I get a strata and forget it, or Look elsewhere?