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Anyone else treated poorly by AVA?
Found this thread doing some due diligence on a pair of DVA M225 monoblocks. My first thought was:  Yes AVA is a VERY small outfit with an 84-year old principal who may--or may not--be as focused on customer service as some would like.    If you... 
Clayton Audio - Alive and very well
Does anyone know if Wilson Shen is still servicing his Clayton Audio amps?   I sent an email to him at contact info I found in another thread ( but never got a response.      
Genesis Digital Lens Latest Version
SN's after 111209 had the latest chip. 
Under Appreciated Jazz Piano Players
Gene Harris is not only not dead however,but (I found out about it too late to attend)the Gene Harris Jazz Festival is April 4-7 in Boise Idaho.While Gene's spirit is definitely alive at his namesake festival, he's been playing to packed houses at... 
Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?
"Why do you think that is??"Well, since much of the stuff exhibited at shows is about hype, buzz and "latest and greatest," I suspect these folks would want to partner with similarly-inclined manufacturers. Pizzazz sells a lot of product.Alternate... 
"What's Your Best Price?"
It's kinda' like walking into a club and approaching a woman with the line "Let's screw". You always could get lucky, but it shows you to be a pretty lame pickup artist and/or equally amateurish negotiator. Any negotiating strategy or ploy has to ... 
FLAC, WAV, RAW, AIFF Download Sites?
I haven't tried it yet, but here's one: 
Do audiophiles have a high divorce rate?
" what do you attribute the success and longevity of your relationships and how does the audio obsession play into that dynamic?"I try to focus the attention on the music and involve my wife in listening together at every opportunity. There i... 
Noticed the Patriot Act's effects on PayPal?
Not to be too unkind, but a lot of these posts make me think of "tinfoil hats." Paypal transfers are nothing more than ACH (Automated Clearing House) transmissions between financial institutions. Here's a bit of background: 
Reference DACS: An overall perspective
Exlibris, have you received your JISCO re-clocker yet? I'm looking forward to your comments on how it performs with the Zanden dac. 
Anyone have a manual for a Zanden 1000 or 1100?
Contact Eric Pheils at Zanden Audio North America, he should be able to help you 
Aesthetix Callisto owners help please
The Callisto's output impedance is 300 ohms unbalanced, 600 ohms balanced. Email Jim White and I'm sure he'll give you the full spec rundown. 
Why so many amplifiers for sale?
Because it's fun to try new gear...isn't that why we even come here?? If you buy once and hold forever, it wouldn't be much of a hobby. 
Will a Full Page Ad Guarantee a Review?
I never understand the point of threads like this... 
Can David beat Goliath ?
Ozy - was the Compass Lake G5 or G6?