Rel No 31 subwoofer.


I had been living with Rel 31 for one week.


it is placed behind Altec thus not visible in the video.

25 1/8 x 17 x 28 1/2 in (638 x 435 x 720 mm)


114.5 lbs (52kg), shipping weight - 156 lbs (71kg)


Piano Black Lacquer, 12 coats

It is the best subwoofer that I have had.

It sounds fast and tuneful but without bloating.

After testing it with Stereophile test CD, I found that it give clear signal at 25 hz but only tiny tremble at 20 hz.

On the other hand, Scaena sealed 18 inch subwoofers does give only faint singal at 25hz and no tremble at all at 20hz.


I could play Bach Toccata and Fuge with satisfaction.

But I am curious how Rel 32 would sound at my listening room.

Dealer recommend mt to try array of Rel 31, but I have no intention to do that.

It may inflict critical damage on my wooden house. ;)

Rel give generous 60 day's full return, thus you may want to try either Rel 31 or 32 depending on size of your room.

My room is 16 W 25 D 20 H.

To conclude, pair of Rel 31 work very well with Scaena 3.2 with no disparity.






For most folks, Rel 31 would be more than enough.

It made soundstage wider and deeper although it is not day and night difference.



Sadly they advertise this as good to 18Hz -6dB.You say thery are giving you 25.If my speakers produce a 25Hz at -3dB in my room those 10k subs are not much use. I looked at them online so this is good to know.



Yes they are expensive but make significant difference in satisfaciton even with speaker with good low bass.


My Scaena 3.2 has good extension up to 30 hz but got improved much with adding pair of Rel 31.


They are like Porsche in subwoofer class.

PSA, JTL, Rythmic give subsonic bass with less cost.


But overall Rel give more musical sound.



I had done freq measurement using test signal out of Stereophile test CD.


1 is 1khz.

There is slight bump around at 40 hz which I may try to cure with parametric eq included at Rel 31.

Surprising thing is that it still showed meaningful signal at 20 hz.




I understand they are good. I have the much more entry level pair of t7i and they definitely helped a pair of bookshelve Bowers &Wilkins as well as a pair of Dali Opticon 8 towers. But why would I spend 10k for one sub that’s really only netting you 25Hz? You have ceiling height challenges that I can only see you using a line array to get you pressurized and low. With 6 stacked? 60k with the REL. I’m still a student.

Actually I am not going for line array since I do not want dominant bass.


I am happy with pair of Rel 31 at 14k$ which is not inexpensive but do the jot for me.



After living with pair of Rel 31 for three weeks, I found it superb.

It needs break in of at least 150 hours.

Before break in, I got the feeling that it lacks some deep bass impact.

But now i do not need more bass in my room is 16 W 25 D 20 H.

The most important thing is that it mates well with my Scaena 3.2.

It sounds fast with good texture.



I just enjoy the music.

But it may need synergy with your main speaker and room accoustics.

Rel give generous policy of full refund within 60 days.

Thus you may want to try them to find out yourself.