REL Q150 and Dynaudio Audience 72s

I am looking at purchasing a REL Q150 to compliment my Dynaudios (72s/42C/42W) Amp is a ARCAM 300. I am mostly a music lover but also run this a home theatre. I hear nothing but great things about the RELs but I also know the Q series is mainly designed for home theatre.

Appreciate any input regarding this setup as well as othersub-woofers would be appreiated
My local Dynaudio dealer caries REL subs & ARCAM electronics, so I'm assuming the three brands exhibit good synergy. I currently own the Dynaudio 42's and 52's in seperate secondary systems and previously owned the 42C, and think the REL Q150 would be an effective, cost efficient way to boost the bass response to your home theater set-up. Good luck... I'll live my lack of a home theater system vicariously thru you!