REL Q150e vs. Sunfire True Subwoofer Jr.

Has anyone compared the REL Q150e vs. the Sunfire True Subwoofer Jr.? I have a REL Strata III and am very pleased with it, but I want the smaller footprint of the other two mentioned. The fact that the Sunfire's woofers are on opposite sides could present installation problems in the future. I am also told that the Sunfire can be quite boomy vs. the smoothness of the REL.
I've been using a Q100e after having tried the True Subwoofer II. The REL is tight for music and authoritative for movies. The Sunfire was boomy no matter how I set the crossover and volume. I would predict the Q150e to be improved over the Q100e and the True Jr less effective than the True II, therefore NO CONTEST! BTW, the Genesis 900 sub is the best sub I've ever had but I don't miss it much with the REL.
I have a Q100E for HT also. Ditto above comments. I also have a Storm III on my audio system. At whatever price point you choose REL are a great value for the money. Real bass, not just boom.
I'm not so sure that Johnnyw's hypothesis is correct regarding the Jr. being less effective than the larger Sunfire. The smaller, lighter driver of the Jr. is reported to make the Jr. better suited to music reproduction than the larger Sunfires. Check out owners reviews on I purchased the Sunfire Jr. because I absolutely had no room for anything larger and have been pleased with it (used with Magenpan 1.6's.)
The unit MUST be spiked and weighted for best sound, and it takes some time to break in and sound it's best. If you've got the room for the REL, I'd sure consider that one though. Will.