Remember those rock group carnival mirrors?

Anybody have any insight on where particularly the larger versions of those were manufactured?
Around 1976-78 Barry Imhoff made lots of those 12x12 Mirrors with Chrome frames. They were sold in places like SPENCER'S gift stores in shopping malls. I have about 20-30 of them I guess. These are officially licensed products.  In the Early 1980's ORIGINAL MIRROR CO. made these same 12x12 Mirrors with thinner frames. (Scorpions/Journey/38 Special etc)  If your referring to the junk that you would win at the Boardwalk...that was just privately made SILK SCREENED stuff that WASNT Licensed. Basically Bootlegs made by hundreds of private local print shops.

Some of the Imhoff ones from the 70's:  1st Zeppelin album, Elton - Capt Fantastic, Fleetwood Mac - Rumours, Firefall - Firefall, Kiss - Destroyer, Kiss - Love Gun, Foghat - Fool for the City, Peter Frampton - Im In You, Kansas - Point of Know Return, Ronstadt - Hasten Down the Wind, Dave Mason, Outlaws, Yes - Tales from Topographic, Yes - Going For the One, Who - Who's Next, Elvin Bishop - Live, Doobies - Livin on the Fault Line.
Won a few in my Yute. 
   Broke within a few months of bringing home. In those paper frames.  
Thanks for the Bio. good stuff. Any idea where Imhoff or Original Mirror Company had their mirrors made?
By the way the Imhoff ones made in the 70's arent made with Glass. More like plastic that is mirror like. They dont break when dropped.