Rosanne Cash "She Remembers Everything" LP

Spent this weekend listening to few new albums.

"She Remembers Everything" from Rosanne Cash is her first since the Grammy winning "The River & The Thread" over 4 years ago, (which I totally loved).  Also, I'm a pretty big Rosanne Cash fan.

While this isn't "quite" up to TR&TT, it's damn good.  She does duets with Colin Meloy, Kris Kristofferson, Elvis Costello and Sam Phillips.

This is a little more personal of an album, but holds it's own.  Try "The Undiscovered Country" or "8 Gods of Harlem", (with Costello and Kristofferson).

The recording is very well done with a spacious soundstage, great depth and good dynamics.  I bought the single LP version which comes on Pink vinyl.  Colored vinyl used to be a death sentence for sound quality and noise, but most of the current formulations seem to have gotten much better.  This one included.  My copy has very quiet surfaces.

Highly recommended.
I’ve got the all in boxed set coming up as a Xmas present I hope 😁 but before then I’ll be catching her live next month here in Portland. Haven’t seen her before so looking forward to that. But great to hear that the latest keeps up the high standards
Thanks for the heads up. I'm a huge fan. "Interiors" has to be one of the best singer-songwriter releases of all time. I also love "Ten Song Demo". Both are pretty well recorded--I wish someone would remaster and release in LP format.
Folk...I was a little disappointed that she has no Colorado dates posted.  I've seen her twice before and she puts on a very good show.  Immensely talented.

Mark...thanks for the reminder of "Interiors".  I have a UK 1st pressing of that.  Haven't listened to that album in a very long time.  Time to go pull it out...

I also really like "Kings Records Shop" and "The List".
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@folkfreak, where in Portland is Rosanne appearing? I too have never seen her live, though I have a bunch of her albums.
@bdp24 she's at Rev Hall on December 8th, not my favorite venue (too many times they turn it up too loud) but can work well
Mofi--if you have the redbook version of "Interiors" I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it compares to your UK pressing. I may need to track one of those down....
She’s here in Paradise Valley (actually Scottsdale) AZ in late February. 

My 6th time seeing her. She usually gives a little background and/or history of each song prior to its’ performance.

 Always a good show. Highly recommended. 
Saw her earlier this year locally. Excellent! She has such a beautiful tone to her voice!
Agree she is fantastic live.   Very funny too.   One show I saw at the Birchmere in northern Virginia, a young man was so besotted as to scream “I love you,”.   She gave him a look and replied, Huh, you don’t know me, I’m difficult.”  The whole place cracked up.  
Rosanne's The Wheel album was about her breakup with Rodney Crowell, and it's predecessor Interiors the troubles leading to it. Too much talent for one marriage ;-) .