Removing Martin Logan side panels

I want to remove the side panles from my Aerius speakers, strip them down, and stain them a mahogany colour. Before I end up busting the side panles trying to take them off, anyone have experience or tips? Thanks, Jeff
Jeff, I don't have the answer but I do remember this same question answered a few months ago. Good luck with Audiogon's search feature!
It wasn't that long ago and it's raining.
I have a pair of Prodigies and happened to notices that for some models ML refers to them as trim and post directions.

Good luck
Kitch29 wrote me as follows:

"Check the site, I looked up the thread with the info and pasted up the URL. If you really want to make the oak, which is very porous, look like mahogany, which is not, you have to use a filler.Good filler isn't available at paint stores and is time-consuming, but worth it. Take the finish off
with lacquer thinner and sand with 220 grit garnet paper. Use a sanding sealer at a minimum and stain on an inside surface and see what you think of the result. If you want to go further, find a dealer for Behlen products, woodworking specialty shop or on the web, Garrett Wade.Behlen makes a tinted filler you thin into a paste you work into the wood and then remove with burlap. If you've seen a really beautiful cigar or jewelry box, that's how it was done. You can choose between several shades, some more red, others
more brown. Behlen is water based and can be coated with Krylon Acrylic Lacquer out of spray cans. Spray 3 coats from 12 inches with no regard to runs or sags or drips. Wait an hour between coats. Dry 24 hours and sand smooth with 220 wet or dry. Moisten with a few drops of water. Then mist 5
or 6 more coats from 18 inches. Sand with 400 wet or dry, lubricating the surface with a little water to which you've added a drop of dishwashing liquid. Carefully wipe off the gunk with lint free Handi-Wipes from the grocery store. 24 hours later, now that you've had so much practice, mist on
2 more coats of lacquer. Should look good. Or you can go further by applying Johnsons Paste Wax with 0000 steel wool for a low lustre or with the handi-wipes for a higher lustre. If you really want to get nuts, and have a power buffer, forget the wax. Wet the finish with the soap and water and buff to a mirror shine. The heat from the friction melts and re-seals the lacquer but be careful on the edges. You can remove the finish and have to start over. Not for the faint hearted. What I would do if I had $3000 speakers and wasn't a cabinetmaker, would be to go to a small auto body shop and give them $100 to put real nitro-cellulose lacquer on with their spray equipment. Find the right guy
and he'll get a kick out of it, ensuring a careful job. Of course, you still have to apply and smooth the filler yourself. Good luck."

I'm amazed at how much time and effort Bill put into helping me out, THANKS A MILLION! Jeff
Easy. Lay the Aerius on its back. Take a hammer or mallet and gently tap the side panels from the bottom towards the top. After it moves ~ 1" it will disengage and can be lifted out.