Repairing EMT cartridge

I committed a real bonehead move on the weekend.... while dusting my table, the cloth I was using snagged and completely ripped off the cantilever of my EMT JSD5. Ouch!!! Can you guys recommend someone that can repair it? I'm sure EMT in Germany could do it but since I'm located in Toronto, someplace in Canada or the US would be most economical.
You could try Dominic at Northwest Analogue in the UK. His work looks excellent and his prices are very reasonable. Turnaround is quick too!

Look at this thread
Northwest Analogue looks interesting, I've contacted him to get a quote. Thanks for the referral.
Caution here-- have it done by EMT service. Contact Tone Imports.
Anywhere else just sticks a generic cantilever in.
You have a great cartridge. Why compromise?
Sorry to hear that Mikeyc8. I have been lucky w/ my Tsd-15 so far, but things can happen. Thinking on the bright side, you would get a new life with a true factory rebuild. Get yourself a good MM, and play around with it while Jonathan takes care of your JSD-5. This, assuming you don't have a backup. A Denon 103 comes to mind first, if your arm is a decent match. Chasas1 gives good advice, IMHO. At the very least, do run this by Jonathan.
Soundsmith and Domenic can do it relatively cheap, but I was wondering if they put a generic "ruby cantilever and stylus" how that would change the sonic signature of the cart vs doing a factory rebuild? I'll take your advice and contact Tone Import to get a quote also.
Mikeyc8- I have dealt with Peter Lederman. He is a class act, and extremely skilled at what he does. I know JH is a straight shooter, so bounce it off him, and go from there. Best of luck !