Replace B&W Nautilus HTM1 tweeter with HTM3S tweeter?

Hi all, I broke my Nautilus HTM1 tweeter during a move, and not able to find a replacement online. Do see HTM3S tweeter available for $299. Does anyone know if I can replace HTM1 tweeter with HTM3S tweeter (HF00239)? Will appreciate any feedback, thanks.


They are not the same tweeter. Not really sure if it is feasible to swap tweeters. If you do swap tweeters you would want to change both tweeters.

My next question is what broke and can you just repair/replace the broken part?

You should call B&W.

Thank you for the reply. You are right the HTM1 tweeter (ZZ11266) and HTM3S tweeter (ZZ14359) are not inter-changeable. I broke the plastic housing around the cone, and I should just replace that instead of the whole tweeter. Problem is currently shows 60 days lead time to get the part. Thanks.