Replace Macbook into Oppo with Lumin T2 for streamer/DAC?

I’m currently using Qobuz on a Macbook Pro (via USB) into an Oppo 105D as a makeshift DAC/streamer combo. The Lumin T2 seems like a significant step up as a DAC/streamer. I’d appreciate any advice on the upside or downside of the Lumin T2.
I understand there are many other DAC/streamer/server/ripper options available. I’m specifically interested in feedback on the Lumin T2 with Qobuz. Cheers.
Benzmanthe lumin is hardly fatigguing you have to know how to set it up set sampling to dsd and the sound is extremely smooth also needs 200 hours of break in
Thanks to everyone for the insightful comments. I value your experience. There seems to be a consensus that I can improve on the Macbook as a server/streamer, whether that is with the Lumin T2 or a dedicated streamer and separate DAC. I like the simplicity of an all-in-one DAC/streamer like the Lumin T2, Aurender A10, or Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. I'm not unhappy with the sound of the Oppo105D as a DAC. In fact, I often play hi rez files on a flash drive through the Oppo and get great sound quality. Maybe a good streamer/server with the Oppo is the way to go.
Went from Mac Mini to the Lumin T2 and couldn't be happier. The SQ is quite refined and no bright in my system. I use the Roon app so didn't meddle with the Lumin app.Since I use Tidal I can't speak much about Qobuz. 
I have an oppo 95 and even when it was the current model I was not impressed with tits sound quality.  I've never heard the 105 but I'm pretty sure you can do a lot better.
The unmodified Oppo 105, which I own, does not contain a high performance DAC by today's standards.  Many not very expensive separate DACs can provide far higher SQ.  That being said, if the 105 satisfies you, an expenditure on an expensive high performance streamer will not likely produce a worth-the-expenditure increase in SQ that will be limited by the 105.  But it's your money.  The best SQ starts with, but does not end with, the DAC.

FWIW I believe in separates rather than all-in-one units.  That way they can be upgraded without throwing everything out.