Replace ML Requests w/ B W 802's

Current system:
Audio Research D300 Amplifier
AR LS15 Line Stage
AR PH3 Phono Stage
Martin Logan Requests
Sunfire Sub
Linn Sondek Turntable
AR CD Player
My room is 19x24 and very live.
I am looking for more bass slam than I currently have. I heard the 802's at a dealer showroom and loved their sound.
Anybody have experience with AR and B&W?
The N802s are truly reference speakers; especially within their price range.

I've owned the N802s for more than a year, now, and am continually impressed by the sound. These are the last speakers that I'll buy: I'll need to improve may amps and souces (DVD, CD), but as I do, I'll hear the change.

This is money well-spent.
I would highly recommend the Piega P-10's. They will give you what you like in the ML's but tremendous bass and dynamics. I personally like them far better than the 802's. I have not heard a speaker under $30,000 that betters them.
czapp, you must go on what you heard. Everyone has a diffrent sound that they want to acheive. Jtinn said he liked Piega p-10s he said they are much better than the n802s. Well to his ears they are and thats fine. Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks. Thats what makes the audio industry what it is. I just sold my Martin Logan Ascents Which are better than the Requests and bought a pair of n803 and I love the sound. They are much more tonally accurate than the MLs and they are worlds apart in dynamic range.I think you will love the n802. Every dealer I spoke to about selling the ascents for the n803 said it was a step up. And I will have these speakers until I get my Revel salons or studios ( room dependant) And my Levinson monoblocks. That is my goal system which is a few years away. I wish you the best of luck. Remember there is no right and wrong answer its what you like. I think its a great move. Associated Gear:
Krell FPB 200c
Mark Levinson 39
B&W N803
Harmonic Tech. Cables
Czapp. The piega's are one heck of a speaker especially compared to the B&W 801's which I just auditioned. I traded the Dunlavy V for these little giants