Replace monaural SS radio for talk show

My wife bought a cheap transistor radio for a morning talk show she likes on FM dial while in the kitchen area. After a year or so I listened and the radio sounded terrible. The 3" speaker sounded high pitched and voice punctuation was just poor. I ask her how could she stand it? It was simply disgusting sounding.

I bought a NOS tube type AM-FM clock radio. It is the American 5 tube set with the common 35W4 rectifier & 50C5 audio output tubes. The 4 inch speaker reproduced voice so clear & the audio tube accuracy sounded like the person was almost in the room.

Are you this picky with a simple monaural radio?

I like to listen to the radio while cooking... I found a 50s RCA AM-FM radio in a junk shop, took it to work and rebuilt it. It plays a nice volume and has that 'Golden Throat' sound (says so right on the back)!

I've rebuilt a few KLH radios for fun too. Geeky, I guess.
+1 for the classic KLH radio! I listened to that back in 1969-70 while at work when FM rock radio out of NYC was great!
Tivoli Audio Radio 1 or 2 does it for me. I also use my radio 2 when I am on extended trips abroad (with my laptop as a source) and cannot take anything bulkier.