Replacement for VSA VR-3?

I have had my VR-3's for several years and have been satisfied overall. A new larger room has me considering new speakers. I've read great reviews of the VR4jr (also read great review of VR-3). Is the VR4jr a big upgrade from the VR-3? I listen to rock, jazz, and lots of other music. Bass is important to me. Any comments or suggestions? Audition is very difficult as the nearest audio dealer is over 200 miles away. I have also read the Totem ads with interest. Budget allows up to $5k. Would consider buying used. Thanks for any comments.
I have a pair of VR-3's, and I upgraded to VR4 genIIIs. This was a really nice upgrade. I've also heard the VR4jrs and they're also a nice upgrade. The extra bonus of the jr is they're surprisingly compact.

Both the gen III and jr have the house sound, so if you like the VR3 you won't be surprised or disapointed IMO.

I also have a pair of Totem Mani-2's. The totem's are a much different sound than the VR's - a little more live. The bass isn't as deep, but it's tighter. Very definitely worth considering.

The thing is, if your budget is $5K, you may want to look up the line to the VR4SR, or higher.

Finally, the VR3's don't seem to sell well on the used market (I think because they're big and homely). If you plan to sell - don't expect much for them. At the prices I've seen them going for (~$700), they're a steal. I'm using mine as rear channels in my home theater because at that price they can't be touched. They also combine really will with my vr4-iii's.